Question for Amsoil only users.

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Feb 7, 2003
Montgomery, Alabama
Have any of you long term Amsoil users had to do any engine work? ie: Under the valve covers, timing chain, in the bottom end, rings, valve guides, etc? Also, How are your emission tests? I am just wondering if anyone has worn out any internal parts since using Amsoil exclusively? I have a 92 Toyota pickup with 105k miles and have not touched anything except the valve cover gasket.
Most cars since I started using and abusing Amsoil have been used when I switched over. The 1996 Volvo 855 was purchased new and has had Amsoil since nearly new. When I lived closer to Seattle we had to have smog tests. Never failed numbers always low, but unless your car is blowing by heavily or you haven't changed dino oil for a long time, I'm not sure oil has too much effect on emmissions. Never opened an engine up since my Castrol days. Never had an internal part fail. (Yes the 245Ti did need a new turbocharger - but that's because it was dead when I bought it!! [Smile] Oil? Castrol 20W-50 is what the PO told me and had receipts for [Embarrassed] )
I have used Amsoil exclusively since 1977 in everything I have owned. I have never once had a oil leak, had to open up an engine for a single thing, nor any axle or trans problems. btw-Always owned GM cars and trucks, is there another make? btw My last truck was a 1996 Chev Silverado Z71 Ext cab 4x4 with all the options. When new I changed it over completely to Amsoil, Engine-trans-axle and filters. I sold they truck with 50,000 miles (yearly oil changes) to a close friend in 2000. He wanted the truck to use in his business, service station and auto repair. He now has about 100,000 miles on it towing cars, plowing a lot of snow and traveling across the US. So far, the only thing to give him problems with the truck have been a faulty EGR at 80,000 and just recently the A/C switch. The engine, trans and drive line have never had a problem. His last 2 trans had trans problems from all the towing and snow plowing. His truck operates non-stop on most winter days. His last 2 trucks were worn out and done for at 100,000 miles, this one looks new and runs like new. Right now I have Amsoil in these vehicle 1992 Chev Silverado 4X4 Purchased used in 2003 with 72,000 mile for plowing snow and a off-road truck (fishing, hunting, ATV'ing etc), changed to Amsoil 5W-30 right away and no oil consumption in 3,000 miles) 1993 Lumina 3.1 sedan A family grocery getter, change oil once per year (about 3000-5000 miles), now has 61,000 miles 2001 GMC SLT Ext Cab Z71 New Nov 2000, installed 0W-30 in as soon as I got the truck home. Change oil once per year irregardless of the miles, now 37,000. 2002 Firebird Trans Am WS6 (Ram Air LS1 325 hp) New Oct 2001 (car was built 9-11), changed to Amsoil 10W-30 after 1000 miles. Only waited that long because car supposedly had Mobil 1 from factory. Change oil once yearly, every Oct before parked for winter. I know some are going to say 'sounds like a sales pitch". Well be that as it may, I refuse you use anything else even if you gave it to me. I have refused free oil changes with a new car. If you want to buy my 2001 GMC at 100,000 miles I can tell you from experience, the engine and driveline will be in the same condition there were when it was new. edited for typos [ July 25, 2003, 09:14 AM: Message edited by: Mike ]
Originally posted by wulimaster: I have a 92 Toyota pickup with 105k miles and have not touched anything except the valve cover gasket.
Wulimaster, Your Toyota sounds like a perfect candidate for the auto-rx high mileage treatment before a switch to Amsoil. I am going to do the auto rx treatment on my 94 Altima this weekend. I switched to Amsoil on this vehicle at 90,000 miles with no problems i.e. leaks. I use Amsoil ASF 10w-30 in this vehicle and Amsoil 75w-90 gear oil for the 5 speed. When I switched 2 years ago, I did a complete drain first. I used Amsoil's engine flush with generic 5w-30 dino oil and a purolator filter to do the engine flush. The car runs great with no problems. I just wish that I had changed over sooner. I used to believe the myth that you could not go back and forth with synthetic and dino oil. This will insure that I get 200,000 miles out of the car if I keep it that long.
Been using AMSOIL in all my cars since 1977. Most have been picked up with about 100K on them, Saabs and Volvos except for the vans. Have failed emissions once, 85 Saab 900Turbo with about 190,000 miles. Bad Air Mass Meter. Friend runs fleet of vanpool 15 passenger diesels. He recently took one off the road with about 920,000 on it, because no one wanted to drive it any more. Engine and transmission fine, but body was falling off frame and leaning. Last van did require transmission overhaul and Jasper engine. Bought with 202,000 on it, hotel 15 passenger shuttle van. Knew engine was bad, used about quart of oil every 300 miles. Flushed, put in AMSOIL, and consumption went to t per 600. Since I only used it a couple of times a month for 220 mile oil pickup, could live with it. Consumption suddenly went to qt per 100-- New engine doing fine with about 30K on it.
Ive opened up motors (some even my own) that had amsoil in them. they look about the same as any others. I tend to get well over 200K on my vehicles b4 I ditch them - always running.
2000 VW Golf 1.9 TDI (turbo diesel) - 85k miles on the motor, 15k miles using Amsoil. 1991 VW Jetta 1.6 Diesel - 238k miles on the motor, 6000 miles on Amsoil. I deleted the rest of this post as it was nothing more than a synth amsoil sales pitch. This is not needed. Read the topic, he didn't ask what amsoil is made of or how long they've been in biz. Please refrain from selling and just answer the question that is asked. Since you are not a site sponsor for amsoil, I do not understand why you keep pushing amsoil on here. I hope that people realize you are not an authorized amsoil rep on here and that we do have 3 great amsoil reps if they decide to purchase from any one that they choose one of them. [ July 25, 2003, 03:24 PM: Message edited by: BOBISTHEOILGUY ]
I've used Amsoil "exclusively" since 1983. Longest mileage I've ever had on any of my vehicles is 173,000. Never had any internal engine problem of any kind. Vehicles I've used Amsoil in and the selling mileage. '83 Camry 173,000 '89 Toyota P/U 155,000 '90 Camry 142,000 '94 Camry 90,000 '96 Avalon 98,000 '98 Suburban 13,000 (ain't no Toyota!) '99 Tahoe 20,000 (ain't no Toyota!) '98 LS 400 72,000 (definitely a Toyota!) '00 GS 300 35,000 (Ditto)
I had a 87 Corolla and used dino. 300k miles out of it. [Big Grin] Had to throw that in there.
I had 1-2 hydraulic lifters in my 1990 Audi 100 that were making some noise on startup, so I had them all changed out @ 210,000 miles. I had the valve stem seals changed at the same time ...they had simply hardened from age. Oil change intervals have averaged about 15,000 miles in this engine. I also wore out a cheap Weedeater trimmer after about 8 years of hard use with the 100:1, two stroke oil. Generally I sell my cars after 10-12 years and they still seem to be running very well and burning little or no oil. Tooslick
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