Question about the motor oil for 222,000 miles.

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Aug 16, 2003
South California, CA.
One of my friend's mother car 1985 VW carbio rabbit has 222,000 miles. I asked my friend if her mother vw burning oil or not. He said very little oil burn and her rabbit running on 10w-30. Should he put 10w-40 or 15w-40 since the mileage is too high 222,000 miles.

I am going do put 16oz of Lube Control engine flush to clean up sludges out of the motor then put 1oz of LC in each of the spark plug hole to soak the piston for 24 hours to remove the carbon and put new oil in motor. Should he stick with 10w-30 as usual.

His mother work as nurse in San Fransisco General Hospital. It has lot stop and go for many years.

What is your recommend.
Yep, stick with the 10w30 since it's working, but perhaps they might want to try out one of the high mileage 10w30 oils out there (I like Castrol GTX HM), which are formulated a bit thicker, so they'll protect a little better in the hot summer on that high mileage engine. Castrol Syntec Blend 10w30 would also work well, it's a thicker 10w30 too.
Why on earth fool with an engine that has been running well for almost a quarter of a million miles by dumping chemicals into it?
Leave the engine alone and use the same oil that got it this far.
I agree..don't mess with it. if you use lube control, and say something happens but isn't lube control's fault. you will be the first person to blame.
been there..done that..

not too long ago, I did a favor and change oil on a friend's car. the check engine light came on the next day. pcv valve was clogged
My grandmother's 85 VW jetta (which we now use) has a 1.8L gas engine. The car probably has about 100,000km (or 63,000 miles - I say about because the odometer stopped working around 80,000km a few years ago).

I think she usually used 10W30 as well (whatever the garage put in), but I have the owner's manual and it recommends 15W40 or 15W50 for most applications (between 15C and 30C or 5F and 85F). It says 10W30 is fine between -20C and 15C (0F and 60F). It also specifically says "When using single grade SAE 10W or multi grade SAE 5W20 or 5W30 engine oil, avoid high speed long distance driving if outside temperature rises above the indicated limits". The limits for both 5W20 and 5W30 are -10C or 10F. The oils also need to be API Sevice SF LOL.

What do you guys think about them mentioning 5W20 for an 85 Jetta?

As for the Jetta, I doubt we will change the oil more than once a year (it's an '85 crying out loud
), but if we end up doing it twice a year, I'll put it 10W30 in the winter and 15W40 or 15W50 for the summer.
Just change the oil and replace it with the same that they have benn using but get a good oil filter to put on it. Stick with what has been working good for oil and just upgrade the filter to keep the oil clean, so it goes another 100k miles. When the engine finally gives up the ghost, take it apart and see what faled and why. That would be cool to see the insides of that engine then and why it worked that long, for reasons other the Big Oil Or Car Company reasons. Like maybe the could lead to a product betterment etc..
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