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Jan 7, 2014
Slimy Mudhole
Initial conditions.

1. A car without maintenance minder, that gets maintained at fixed intervals every 10k miles.

2. For some reason or another the oil hasn't been changed exactly at 10k intervals, maybe between 200 or 500 miles more every service.

3. Now those little differences have accumulated and now the OCI is "out of sync" by 4k miles.

So now the 80k mile oil change was performed at 84k, so it is kind of confusing and for an OCD person could be a problem that will prevent a good sleep at night.

So what would you do?

1. Carry on with the present course and just keep track of the oil changes with a spreadsheet or something like that.

2. Pull the trigger on a short service at 6k, so that the oil changes are in sync with the odometer, but effectively wasting some of the life of the oil, that again, for an OCD person could be problematic. Or

3. Split the difference in multiple services, like do two oil changes at 8k miles, that way appears to be less wasteful than the other, although it is the same.

I know, I had too much free time in my hands, but I had to ask.
I would resume the 10k OCI at the current odometer reading. So the next OC would be 94k, 104k, and so on. Because you are doing an OC every 10k, shouldn't be too hard to remember when to do the next one. If it is too hard, you can always use an OC reminder sticker.
I like # 1. Carry on with the present course and just keep track of the oil changes with a spreadsheet or something like that.

once you get your first two changes down then just keep adding 10,000 miles for the next change. no wasting oil and you get to sleep at night.
If the oil was changed at 84k I'd just do it at 90 and be done with it. Assuming I wasn't pinching pennies. Me, I like the simplicity of tire rotation every 5 and oil every 10 on the odometer. If I have to cut something short, eh, not that expensive. There is nothing sacred about it, but my flavor of OCD prefers it that way.
Change it at 90k and get back on me, Lexapro and even Ativan for that matter, don't always help lol
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Make your new OCD target mileage for OCI end in "4".

Or do a UOA and see if it can go longer.
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10mg of Lexapro.
wellbutrin is better.....wife says so..just sayin'

20 mg/day me.
lmaorof,,,,,,,u guys were kind to, how did that happen?

Keep a floor jack, a drain pan, something to put used oil in, an oil filter, and oil in your trunk. When the odometer turns exactly 90,000 miles pull over to the side of the road and change the oil. Then, repeat every 10,000. This is the only way you are going to solve this problem.
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