Question about GC batch numbers

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
I went and picked up 4 quarts of GC today at Canadian Tire. These ones all have the batch number M041486B2415516. I have one half-full bottle of GC which I bought in the summer with the batch number M03042SB. My question is, is there much of a difference between these two batches? Also, something I noticed. The MO3 batch bottle and the MO4 batch bottles have different labels front and back. I'll post some links to pics of the bottles, and I apoligize for the bad picture quality, they were taken with an ancient Logitech quickcam express webcam. MO3 bottle front MO3 bottle back MO4 bottle front MO4 bottle back
55, The only difference I am aware of is not chemical but chronological...03 produced in 2003 and 04 in 2004. Castrol has gone through about 3 or 4 label changes/tweaks since BITOG first discovered GC.
I just wish Castrol would be forthcoming and quit the BS. Smoking mirrors/dancing bears.....GC is the same as the US based stuff....then why is GC green? Smells and looks different.....this is really getting old? What is the next gift from the God's? Pennzoil Platinum? We sound and act like hysterical lemmings.....
Originally posted by sgtgeek: We sound and act like hysterical lemmings.....
Some kids have a lemmingaid stand down the street...I guess I'd better stop there.... [Wink]
When I went to Canadian Tire to pick up more GC yesterday, since it's on sale for $6.29, I found a bunch there with no batch numbers on them! I wonder if these ones are 2005 stuff? They've got the newest label design on them.
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