Quality Ranking of OTC dino oils (hypothetical, of course)

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Jun 3, 2002
After two years of VOA',/UOA's, anecdotal experiences, etc. posted here, has anyone here kept track of all the data enough to dare an attempt at ranking the OTC dino oils of popular grades (5w20,5w30,10w30) and list the "top" three in overall quality (long engine life).

Let's attempt, somehow, to "average" all of the variables such as engine make and age, driving style,OCI, climate, etc.. I know, this is impossible.

What are the top three oils in each grade and why?

Are there some oils that are clearly not as good - you guys seem to play down Valvoline.

When it gets down to picking between two brands, say Chevron and Pennzoil, is there a clear winner?

Thanks for attempting the impossible. I did a search and formed some opinions. I would like to hear yours.
I have seen great UOA reports on two of my own vehicles using the following two dinos:

10W-30 Pennzoil
10W-30 Chevron

It is my opinion that you cannot go wrong with either one of these oils.

If I had to pick a third, I'd go with Havoline 10w-30, since reports indicate that it is practically the same as Chevron (and manufactured by Chevron).
Reputationally Chevron and Pennzoil. Based on VOA's and UOA's, the analysis doesn't point to any one being better than the others. Variations in cars and labs are much greater than oils IMHO.
I went to Wal-Mart tonight and noticed they have many of the conventional oils I read about here. Actually the only one I didnt see was Chevron, but if its the same as Havoline, then I could get that. Ive been fixated on Castrol as I was told it was the top-of-the-line dino oil. Should I just stick with Castrol (at $1.25 a quart on sale) or is there a more economical buy that is equally as good? It seems the regular price of havoline was only $.84 at walmart, IIRC.
Mobil Delvac 1300 HDDEO

Chevron Delo 400

Chevron Supreme/Texaco Havoline

Kendall GT1

Castrol Syntec Blend (**not a synthetic at all)

Ford Motorcraft

People seem to like Pennzoil, although i know little about it. There PureBase seems to be the same Group II+ stock as Chevron/Havoline which is quite impressive for the price

And yes, I am a firm believer that Diesel oils are a wise choice in street engines. Especially, with Delo and Delvac there are amazing at engine cleanliness and life spans.

Also add

Exxon SuperFlo

...tell me about it, I have 30 quarts of the semi-syn laying around. Trying to use it up while we still have some older cars to run it in. I have little use for PCMOs, on cars that have maintenance cost issues, I'll use HDEO in summer and 5w-XX in winter.

OTC dino, I'd buy Chevron, Kendall, Pennzoil Castrol.

Again though, the HM oils and blends are where it is at.
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