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Jul 20, 2002
San Diego, CA
I would try to search, but I can't think of how to search for it here. Can you list the different oils that you feel are high quality? Not necassarily the weights, but the brand and line of product. I would like something to refer to when I am shopping for a new oil before the scheduled change. I am looking for: Auto engine oil ATF Gear oil PS fluid Brake fluid Currently, I run Mobil 1 because I am under the impression that it is of decent quality, and available at most auto parts stores. Availability is pretty important considering what kind of vehicles I drive.
Welcome to the site Sidewalk. The question you pose is like a political nightmare. There is no one good oil and most that really stand above the crowd usually are not OTC oil (over the counter). So because you're looking for something for OTC oil, you'll find a majority of them are pretty good, especially since the new GF-3 base stocks have become a requirement to be API certified. You need to determine, long drain intervals? or standard 3k, dirt road or on pavement mostly, pretty warm most the time? Do you drive hard? The oil you are currently using, are you haveing problems with it? If so, is it oil consumption or leaking seals? Are you running the M1 tri synth or the supersyn?, If you're worried it might not be a good choice, do your 3k drains, then send in a sample to an oil analysis lab and see how it will check it. This will show you if you have to worry about changing it and not by what a bunch of guys say based on their personal feelings. I myself have a bad feeling on m1's supersyn, but I cannot say for a fact it isn't a good oil. I suspect that the tri synth version of their oil will be better than the newer supersyn. Just preliminary things that I personally don't like but under your condition you may find out that you don't stress the oil and such. Another words, investigate first with oil analysis and determine if it is adaquated for your situation.
I guess it would have been better if I added a little more on there. Opinion is what I am looking for. I wanted to see what each person likes to use for themselves. I have been involved in a lot of the arguing on other auto sites, and I know that I just don't know that much.
Strictly opinion of course and all OTCs. I think Schaeffer's is probably best non-OTC. Mobil 1 is the best OTC oil. I prefer Pennzoil Purebase for conventional. OEM ATF is best...with a big cooler to help out. PS Fluid, Mobil 1 where ATF is allowed, OEM elsewhere. Valvoline Synthetic brake fluid. I'm told all DOT 3s are synthetic, but Valvoline is an eqivalent to ATE brake fluid, and that is the best fluid out there.
Well, put that way, I use Schaeffers. But that is not your standard OTC oil but it is priced less than 3.00 wholesale. And if you look at the oil analysis section, My last oil drain was at 10,500 extreme hard miles on my little four cyl you'll see how it does. This is one of the neat things I reall like on this board is the numbers everyone shares with the oil analysis. Some have done samples with different oils and you can see how each oil compared to each other in one engine.
VaderSS, Since you like Penn, How do you think Pennzoil Synthetic compares to M1? Do you trust the SS "anti-wear" package? With M1's higher pour point and increased volatility, the performance gap may have closed. I would like to see some back to back testing between M1 vs. other synths (especially Groups III's) [Burnout]
Here's what I'm using: Motor oil- Redline in the bikes Mobil 1 trisyn SJ in the cars Gear oil - Mobil 1 ATF - Pennzoil (I'm too picky on this) Brake Fluid - Valvoline synthetic DOT 3/4 My supply of Mobil 1 trisyn SJ is about exhausted so I'll be looking for something different soon. contenders could be Amsoil synthetic 10-40 Chevron supreme synthetic 15-50
"Since you like Penn, How do you think Pennzoil Synthetic compares to M1? Do you trust the SS "anti-wear" package? " Pennzoil's "synthetic" is a group III, unless they sell it for $3 a quart, I'd not consider it. Pennzoil Purebase is a group II+. I trust the SS package long enough to run it 3000 miles and check it against the Tri, which I trust. I don't feel that the SS is a step back, but I'll reserve judgement. People jumped all over Mobil when they went to tri formulation, but my analysis did not show any difference. I have a feeling the SS will do the same or better.
Group IV/V is definitely the best...for a base oil. But are we sure Group IIIs won't do the job better if their additives are superior? I also think Pennzoil has a good additive package in the base oil and suspect it is superior in the Group III as well. M1 has cut ZDDP while most group IIIs have not. They may be in the running for best OTC oil. Now if we can only get them to put in Moly [Phone]
The group 3s could do better if they had a good additive package, but I don't think any of them do. Think about it, they went to group 3 oils to save money, yet still charge as if it was really synthetic, so since it's obviously a profit driven move, do you honestly think they'd invest the time and materials to make the additive pack superior?
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