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Mar 20, 2014
Hey all, anyone have a recommendation on a pair of black duty boots? Quality is a must, and would somehow like to keep it south of $200. My pair of Bates are failing 13 months in! Ridiculous IMHO. The sole is okay but the inside is falling to pieces. And is there a worthwhile leather oil for them? My current pair look like they have been scorched in a kiln.. Thanks
I have no suggestions. I saw some of the $100+ boots at Sears returned.

As an aside, you should not wear the same boots or shoes every day. Alternate shoes even if they are identical. It lets them dry out and the support gets less mashed keeping your feet pain free. Even if identical, each shoe will support your foot slightly differently which is important.
Are you looking for safety toe as well?
Do you alternate with another pair so that you don't wear the same pair 2 days in a row? That will more than double the life of footwear.
I recently purchased a pair of Thorogood 804-4366 Composite Safety Toe for $135 from botach.com using pricewaiter for my bid.
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Do you alternate with another pair so that you don't wear the same pair 2 days in a row? That will more than double the life of footwear.

How so? Seems to me they'd still wear out the same. Does giving them a day to "rest" allow the materials in footwear to stay more durable?
Always got good wear out of Magnums.

Still have a pair i was issued back in 03 and they are still good to go.

Another good one are Dr Martins.

Not sure if you can get either brand in the US but thought i would throw out what i know to work well and last.

Both were steel toecap
Red wings on my feet now. I tear through most boots in one year or less , Redwing lasts me 2+ yeas I'm on my second pair now.

Timberland pro endurance were super comfortable like walking on a cloud but they were $160 and started falling apart in 6 months... Almost worth it for how awesome they felt but not quite. I get black Redwing for the same price ish.
the "Boot truck" comes around to my agency every 9 months and i get a new issue, I like the Rockys. However if your hard on them they do wear out fairly quickly (around a year) Bates are OK duty boots however the same problem applies.
South of $200 won't get you much. The best boot I wore in this class was the Danner Acadia. Great boot but heavy.

Don't cheap out on your footwear, including socks; it's a system.

Not a fan of side-zips and I laugh at guys wearing "shoets".
Had a pair of redwings along time back. They worked but I just didn't like the feel. I normally get wolverine's I refer to them as generic carhartt's.

Found a good wolverine jacket a few years back. It was marked down from like $100 to $45. So I grabbed it. Looked and felt just like any carhartt but with a little more shoulder room.

Anyways got to the register and it rang up for only $24 5-6 years later I still have it and I haven't regretted trying their jacket for a min.
I like Wolverines for 8" s/toe boots and Carolina for s/toe oxford dress shoes. They last me easily several years in grease/oil/chemicals/etc.
I've gone with Wolverine Durashocks in recent years but after reading this thread will get Red Wings next to evaluate.
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+1 Red Wings

and SuperFeet green insoles.

I buy the Assembled in USA Red Wings, they do have a China version called Irish Setter or something...
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A boot that I don't see mentioned often is Keens. I've been wearing the pair that I have for almost 2 years now. If I had to guess I will most likely be in the market for boots again either this fall or next spring but for the abuse and almost daily wear I think they have held up really well. They'll be at the top of the list when I need to buy again I know that.
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