Quaker Steak & Lube

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Oct 22, 2005
St . Louis Missouri
Anyone been to this restaurant? http://www.quakersteakandlube.com/ "Welcome to Quaker Steak & Lube, America's #1 motorsports-themed family restaurant." It says nothing about changing your oil while you eat, but that might be next. I can just see it now, oil cans decorating the walls. BITOG members changing vacations just to visit! Waitress with oil smudges instead of makeup!
I think they hail from Pennsylvania. I've been to the one at the Pittsburg Airport and another one in Erie, PA. They're all right. Automotive is the theme. Phil
The original one is in downtown Sharon, PA. It used to be a gas station. Has cars (including a corevett) hanging upside down from the ceiling. Old gas pumps......nice place (men's room decor included). Also has a car "on a lift" with worklite hanging underneath. Years ago, it was a "cook your own" steak place. Now, their big thing is chicken wings. One of their themes is "Best Wings USA". The wings come in a whole bunch of flavorings, including "Atomic" which they ask you to sign a release form for. Made my eyes water when they carried an order of those past my table. It was part of "3 By the River" for a number of years. The other 2 places were Seafood Express (railroad theme) and Tully's. For a while, when you had to wait for a table, they gave you a card with a car theme on it.....and instead of calling "Dan party of 3" they would call "Flat Tire" or "Chevy Pickup" when a table was ready. It is really good to see a place in that area do well, as it has been really in bad shape economically. It is better now. I am from that area, but like most of my age group entering the job market around 1980 or so, left the area to find work. Remember, the oil industry started in Western PA. I do not know if the gas station was originally a Quaker State or not, but it is now painted in the Quaker State green and white.
The family and I went to the Erie PA store a couple of years ago. Yes, the cars were cool, but that's about it. The food and service were terrible. McDonalds is better.
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