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Oct 19, 2002
san diego,CA
Hello guys,can anyone tell me if quaker state is a good old? is it one of the best OTC oils? is 10w-30 good?or stick with 5w-30? which one gives better protection? which of this would you choose? 1-Quaker state 2-Pennzoil 3-valvoline 4-castrol 5-mobil all dino oils,I live in San Diego,CA and change oil every 3,000 miles. 2000 ford ranger 3.0 with 40,000 miles. Thank you for any advise. right now I use QS 5w-30
In your mild climate there is no need to use 5w30, I would go with 10w30 for sure, especially with a conventional oil. 5w30 conventional oils use far too many VI improvers in there. Based on what we've learned on here, Valvoline oils tend to have very weak additive packages, so stay away from their oils. If it were my car, and I was running an OTC dino oil, I'd go with Pennzoil or Castrol GTX, since both of these oils contain moly (which is probably the best antiwear additive out there)
Patman, I believe ord now recommends 5w-30 or 5w-20 grades for all their gas engines. One reason is that most all their designs like the "Triton" V-8's and "Duratec" V-6 utilize overhead cams, and they have seen less wear with the 5w-30 grades, particularly in cold climates. Ford released a TSB on this 1-2 years back, I believe .... TooSlick
Of that group I would say that Pennzoil is the superior oil. Hopefully Johnny will chime in here. Looking at the specs. QS doesn't look much better than SuperTech in the PZ/QS constellation of oils. All three of them look better than Wolf's Head IMHO.
If you change at 3000 miles, it probably doesn't make much of a difference. Most SL oils will easily exceed that mileage. I change at 4000 with SuperTech SL 10W30. I guess I should have an oil analysis, but if I did it would be to see whether the distance could be extended and I don't want to greatly exceed the manufacturer's (Hyundai Elantra) distance for severe cycle which is 3750.
Well, I am a beliver in using the grade the manufacture recommends. Ford's do well on 5W30. We did a test with Ford several years ago with our 5W30 running two Lincolns over 150,000 miles and the engines looked great after teardown. I would rank the brands you listed as follows. Pennzoil, Quaker State, Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline.
OK Big J, I can understand why you'd rank Pennzoil #1, sorta understand your #2 pick but why would you put Mobil ahead of Castrol? [Confused] If anyone wonders why Valvoline came in last, please see the virgin sample analysis of this board. [Roll Eyes] --- Bror Jace
TecFord , WELCOME to the Forum! Land of differing opinions [Smile] If a guy lists some oils,I try not to throw others into the mix but [Wink] ,,,is that cool Chevron Supreme available where you live? I think it is but other thoughts are to use a 5/30 in the colder months and 10/30 during late spring ,summer and early Fall . Motorcraft,Conoco,Havoline "either one [Big Grin] " and Phillips Trop Artic are good 3k oils as well. These dinos available,some are not worth buying imo but you have not listed but one so thinking you cannot go wrong with any of them. I would recommend a 10/30 in summers where you live,I have been there,it's hot! Most of these late model engines vary from very hard on a oil to near brutal especially in heavy summer traffic with the A/C on and just might turn some dinos,even the better OTC ones into a 2-2500 mile oil.How do I know this? Through anaylsis. Anyway,welcome to the forum once again and let us know what you decide to use,,most often we never hear back after a post like this. PS [Wink] For little money you can have you oil anaylized and you can then tell if it is doing it's job well or not. Not many do this with Dinos [Frown] PSS [Big Grin] Have you heard of Schaeffers? It's a OTP oil " over the phone" [Cool] [ October 21, 2002, 07:33 AM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
There was a post on Edmunds that the flashpoint on Chevron Supreme had been lowered to under 400 degrees. Can't remember the weight but since the specs. I had on Chevron 10W30 had 453F, this is a big change if true. That's down in Mobil country. I know flash point isn't that important but anything under 400 (this was 393 if memory serves me right, but check) would make me nervous.
tahnks you for all the replys guys,YES CHEVRON IS AVAILABLE.is it that good? also is Motorcraft an above average oil?I know the filters are. thanks again.
Wow, didn't know Pennzoil would come so highly recommended. I picked up a case when it was on sale for 59 cents/qt a couple months ago, and thought I was getting the cheap stuff. I usually use Valvoline, which seems to be near the bottom of the list for some people. Last time I was in San Diego, I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts in the dead of Winter. Don't think it'll ever get cold enough to need the "all-weather" protection of a 5W-30.
csandste, No telling these days with these oil Companies and changing Horses in mid stream? I doubt Chevron would have reason to change though. Tech, You bet the Motorcraft is a good oil. The price is right at Walmart as well. Here is a analysis of the 5/30. I think had the truck been ran more hiway miles or was in a cooler season it might easily go plus 6K ? PPM of wear per 1k of miles looks better than some synthetics to me at least.Did I mention this is a Conoco oil? [Wink]
Chevron Supreme 5w-30 flash is 435f Chevron Supreme 10w-30 flash is 453f It is on the website under printable sales fax (pdf) from the motor oil data.
I thought the Edmund's story was a bit odd too, so I just took a quick look at Chevron's web page. I didn't spend much time on it, but I couldn't find any data sheets other than safety data. Funny, because I remember seeing it there before. [I dont know]
Here's the Edmunds post on Chevron: #1860 of 1861 I just revisited the Chevron Supreme MSDS by malachy72 Oct 20, 2002 (07:29 pm) and the flashpoint of the 10w 30 oil is listed as 393 degress. Wasn't this listed at well over 400 degrees just a couple of months ago? I also revisited the page for Citgo Superguard and the flashpoint of their 10w-30 oil remained at 453 degrees.
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