Quaker State Vs. Motorcraft Blend

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Mar 20, 2014
So which one is "better" and provides better lubrication, wear protection, etc.? Both are synthetic blends as well.
Please read the "What oil should I use? What is the BEST oil?" sticky. If you don't want to list your application here, try looking for something similar in the UOA forum.
Can't go wrong with either, to be honest. Both are excellent quality synthetic blends and both will get you where you need to go. If it were me, I'd buy whichever was on sale and never once look back.
Trop Artic from Sam's club 12 quarts $26. I think some Farm stores have it on sale for $2 a quart sometimes. Trop Artic and Motorcraft are both made by Phillips 66. PQIA VOA on them looks like they are nearly identical.
Both are fine oils. Neither is really better than the other. Use either one, change regularly, and the car or truck will not know the difference.
It depends on what we are comparing here. Motorcraft is similar to the Phillips synthetic blends. The blends from Phillips are the entry level of their lubricant business. If we are comparing Quaker State Advanced Durability (green bottle) this is the Quaker State entry level offering also meeting the same specs as the Phillips "synthetic blend" portfolio. The Quaker State Enhanced Durability(synthetic blend/gold bottle) is a different tier of product.
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