Quaker State High Mileage Oil

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Nov 25, 2003
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I stopped to pick up a couple filters yesterday and saw where the QS HM oil is SJ rated . SJ oils typically had larger amounts of Phos and Zinc and of all the other HM oils out there this one stands out as the only SJ rated one . Just a heads up for those wanting more Zinc than the typical SL oils that are nearing the 700 ppm area in terms of quanity if the around 1100 ppm of the other HM oils is not enough for you [Smile] .
I noticed this also and the fact that it was an SJ rated made me choose the QS High Mileage 10W40 to try in my car. I have posted my oil report in the used oil section and was suprised to find the Phosphorus level at 686 and the Zinc at 831. Apparently QS does not know what they put in the bottles as this is definitely SL grade additive levels. I also noticed recently that the 5W30 and 10W30 grades of QS HM does not have any grade marking on the bottles, not SL or SJ or SH etc. No API starburst - nothing. I guess it is just motor oil. With all of the varieties of oil Quaker State is putting out these days, I wonder if they are getting things mixed up?
I'm glad I saw your analysis . I stand corrected cause I sure thought the Q State would have more zince than that ! Zinc in the Pennzoil 5w-30 HM showed 1170 ppm after 3500 miles .
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