Quaker State: Group III or IV

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Oct 24, 2002
I'm confused. I was under the impression from other posts on the board that the synthetics marketed under the Penzoil and Quaker State labels were group III oils. The MSDS sheet on the Quaker State says the main component is 1-Decene. I thought if the sheet had this compound listed, that was a good indication the oil was a PAO? I know very little about chemistry so I don't really know. What's the deal?
There was some discussion about whether the MSDS sheets were up-to-date for this QS, as so many companies have switched to Group III base oils since the Castrol fiasco. If the sheet is up-to-date and it does say it has 1-decene, this is the starting component for run-of-the-mill PAO's. [ November 04, 2002, 11:30 PM: Message edited by: MolaKule ]
Someone recently asked me about Quaker State oils and I commented that nobody on here seems to use it. I don't believe I've seen a single UOA on the stuff.
I thought they switched to a imitation synthetic also. About a year ago though QS was a PAO and Penzoil a group III.
The truthfulness of MSDS's.....can be er, ah, ee....be stretched...I used to write MSDS's in a former life. [Embarrassed] (PS I dunno if that one is III or IV) [ November 05, 2002, 07:13 AM: Message edited by: Pablo ]
Thanks for the replies guys. I went back and looked at the MSDS sheet for the Quaker State, and the version date on the sheet is 7/16/2002. I guess it may be a real PAO after all.
i noticed that the 2001 msds' are generic, listing "mixture" rather than a CAS. the 2002 msds' for synthetics and blends seem to have pao in them.
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