Quaker State Defy 5W20, 6,790 miles, 04 F-150

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Jul 5, 2011
Central Illinois
Hi all, here's the latest Blackstone report for my 2004 F-150. The oil had 6,790 miles and 2 months 10 days on it. I changed out the old oil and filter with the same combo, more QS Defy and a K&N oil filter left over from the Pennzoil special's a while back. I also changed out the air filter at the same time. On a side note the UOA incorrectly labeled my engine as a 5.4 16 valve, when it's actually the newer 5.4 3V(24). A little about my driving, I drive an average 100-150 miles a day for work with a lot of highway as well as gravel/dirt roads, and also drive in fields to check crops so there is quite a bit of dust involved in part of my commute. Overall I was very pleased with the report and may continue to run QS Defy in the future. As always thoughts and comments are welcome, and enjoy!
Not open for further replies.