Quaker State and it's warranty ??

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Sep 5, 2002
I have read the numbers and decided to go with QS Peak Performance in both my brand new PT Cruiser and my 1999 Jeep Cherokee with 21,000 miles on it.
What do you guys think of QS oil?
What are the details of the QS gurantee? Fix, repair, pay me, what? Does anyone know anybody that has actually used this warranty?
Any info at all on this?
I get a good laugh out of those warranties, there must be so many ways for them to get of those warranties that they are pretty much marketing hype. I would chose the oil based on quality rather than the warranty they advertise. You refer to the numbers, do you have any info. on QS oil, I'm interested in anything that may be available.
I don't think any oil company yet has had to pay out a claim on those warranties. That's because you'll never prove that the oil itself was defective. If the engine wears out prematurely, they'll blame the engine design for the failure. And same if a catastrophic failure occurs to the engine (such as a rod coming through the block)

It's all good marketing though.
I have read the comparison of conventional oils and QS has very good numbers, especially VI. I think among "dino" oils there is not a whole lot of difference. I was just fascinated by QS's claims of 10/250,000 warranty. If no one has ever collected on it, either the oil is outstanding or they have found loop holes to escape paying. I'm just curious about it. I would not choose an oil based on ANY gurantee. If I did that I would be using Slick 50, Pro Long, and every other oil treatment known to man.
Reading QS website, they give no specific details of the warranty. I've emailed them to get clarification on the limits.
BC: Email me your address and I would be happy to send you a copy of the Quaker State Warranty with all of the details.

Just to let you know, Castrol has a 10/250,000 warranty as some others do and the Pennzoil warranty is lifetime. Unlimited years and mileage.

Yes they are good marketing tools and they are for real. I personally know of claims being paid on both the Quaker State and Pennzoil side that probably shold not have been paid. But you have to look at it this way, realize how much major oil companies spend on marketing each year. The cost of an engine is very small in comparison and it is probably the best advertising you can do. Positive word of mouth is a great advertising tool.

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I've posted this before, but here's how QS compares with three other PZ/QS oils. The SuperTech is an SJ spec. sheet, now superseeded but that's all Pennzoil would send me (last May). All others are SL's. From my small knowledge of reading these, QS seems behind Pennzoil and even a bit worse than SuperTech-- but better than Wolf's Head. I know Johnny thinks that QS would probably age better than the Wal-Mart stuff.
10W30 SuperTech Pennzoil Quaker St. Wolf's Head
Visc. 40c 73.2 67.0 69.1 65.3
Visc 100c 11.0 10.5 10.5 10.5
Visc. Indx 140 160 139 138
Flash-F 410 430 410 430
Pour-F -29 -33 -22 -17
Low Pumping-C -25 -30 -22 -30

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