Quaker State 4X4 Synthetic Blend question

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Jan 18, 2004
Shelby, NC
I saw this oil at the local wallyworld last week and it intrigued me. It was only in 10w30 but said it was a blend. I have a 94 Nissan 4x4 V-6 with 100k on the clock, it uses no oil on Havoline and Castrol. I drive 5 miles each way to work now and am worried about the 4 qt caapacity and the oil not getting warmed up. Is there any info on this oil? Is it heavier than say Castrol 10w30? Is the synthetic part Grp3 or PAO? Would this be a good oil for this truck? What additives (moly, caalcium, boron, etc) does this oil have?
We don't have a VOA posted for the 4X4 blend yet. There is a VOA for the High HP Blend though. I can't post a link, but QS has a good website. You may want to check it out. The 4X4 is 10.5 @ 100C cst. and it has the energy conserving API starburst, so no it isn't a thick 30wt. Your Havoline starts out thicker even. With short trips and no consumption with Dino, I'm not sure what you are hoping to gain by going to the Blend?
Thanks Haley10! I wanted a blend to help protect in the short trip environments that we drive in with both vehicles. Mobil 1 is the only non-grpIII syn that is readily available here and the 5w-40 SUV/Delvac is not available yet (0w-40 is though) and the 30wts are said to be thin. I like the Havoline but want something thicker for the hot summers as it is already in the low 90's and the Nissan engine especially works hard. Maybe i will order the Delvac or just buy the Rotella at wallyworld. What do you think about the Mobil 1 0w-40 or the GC 0w-30? Would these be good choices for a 3.0 Nissan with 100k and a Isuzu 3.5 with 60k? Any input would be appreciated.
That was a good UOA from what little I know. Seems to be a good oil. It just intrigued me when I saw it for around $10 a gallon, which is exactly what my truck holds with a filter. Thanks for the info.
Wow, that looks very good. Doesn't fit the bill for a thicker oil, but looks like a very good 10W-30. Lots of Calcium and ZDDP [Big Grin]
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