QSUD 5W30, 7579 Miles, 2-1- RAV4 3.5L

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May 16, 2010
Southern Illinois
Here is my latest oil analysis from Blackstone Labs on my recent run of QSUD 5W30.This run saw lots of stop/go traffic in Metro East St Louis area, frequent idling and 2-3 mile runs between stops. I used a Mann filter with this run and put back more QSUD 5W30 and another Mann filter. I got the oil for $2.99 after rebate so I stocked up on it. I was very pleased with this report, and think I will push out the OCI to 10K miles next time. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

Thanks for the comments and feedback from everyone, much appreciated. I was concerned with all of the city traffic about how the oil would hold up, but this has put my mind to rest. I feel pretty comfortable going 10K miles on this oil next time. I think this combo may be one that I stick with for a while, especially since I have 1 more OCI worth in my stash waiting, although I will probably go back to Toyota filters since I have heard a lot of good things about them. Thanks again!
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