QS3614 (Puro Classic) cut open.

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Dec 8, 2006
This was on a 2007 3.8 liter Town and Country for 5000 miles. Picked this filter up on sale at Menards for $2.00. Lots of value here, no surprises. Everything looks exactly as I would expect it to. I'll continue to use this filter without any worries.
That's a very good looking inside. Much better looking media than the current PuroClassics and I have a PuroClassic #10241(same as your QS3614) and they haven't looked this good in quite some time. You probably don't know whether your 3614 old stock do you? Purolator Premium Plus(a.k.a. Classic) use to look like your example. And even the new PureONE's don't look as good as they used to.
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This was a fairly recent buy, and the vehicle gets about 5,000 miles put on it in 4 months, so it is a fairly quick process. And I would think that the Menard's store goes through a lot of those filters, as they sell them at $2 (or thereabouts) on a fairly regular basis.
Thanks for cutting and posting. I have one that will be going on the B&S Intek on the FIL's Snapper very soon. Glad to see that it's a quality filter inside for $1.99.
Have any of the other Quaker State branded Purolators cut open shown any tears? I used to buy these quite often, but I've held off because of the tearing fiasco. This one looks good... and if all of them look this good, I would go back to using these again.
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