QS winter $1.99/qrt

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May 30, 2002
at Mills Fleet Farm. Is this stuff safe to use? Is it a synthetic blend?
Winterblend was tested by customers in Fargo and Winnipeg last winter, before it was on the market. This year I couldn' t find it in Fargo, but did find in at the Grand Forks,ND Walmart. I paid $2.34 so I bet yours was maked down because of slow sales. In Grand Forks they also had QS WinterBlend in 10W30, you can bet this will be on sale as in this frozen north the only weight in Winter is 5W or 0W30. Read previous links on this product, it sound great to me.
Hey there, I see we have some people here that frequent the Grand Forks area (live there). I run a 93 Ford Tempo and had though about an UPGRADE to a Taurus. After finding out that the wife and I could not afford it we decide to stick with the Tempo. This does not include the horror stories with the Taurus tranny. I have found the manual tranny in most cars to be more durable. The thing is built like a tank. Yea, I will admit it has had a water pump go out but it's at 112,000+ miles. I have been running Pennzoil 5w30 lately and have had good luck. I had thought about doing an ARX treatment though. BTW- I have never pulled a valve cover off to check for build up. Is it really difficult ? Slade
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