QS "Synthetic" MSDS : Identify the base stock? Sounds Group III-

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That's what I seem to recall-although it went from a PAO to a Group III now I guess back to a PAO
"This is the land of confusion" -Phil Collins

The reason why i am pushing this is that if QS is indeed PAO once again I have more options OTC vis-a-vis Mobil1 for example!!

This may not mean anything but QS does have the GM 4718M approval.

Some site said that GM rescinded the 4718 approval to Castrol Sham-Tec.


I can not verify this as I have no ShamTec bottles in front of me. LOL no respectable BITOG member should run the stuff
CAS numbers that begin with 64xxx are generally mineral oils. CAS numbers that begin with 68xxx will be representative of synthetic combinations. The key to this is the percentage that listed as being 68xxx. If it is only 1 - 3 % then I would not regard the oil as being synthetic.
I've never seen a QS MSDS listing it as a group3.

It currently is a PAO, as listed(with a pretty high percentage). The MSDS is relatively new(this summer). Last summer, the older MSDS was also a PAO(less percentage).

A VOA would need to be done to determine if their antiwear and detergent package is as good as the competition.
Folks, 1-decene homopolymer, hydrogenated IS the technical designation for PAOs. "1-decene" - the raw synthesized olefin building blocks; "homopolymer" - a chain of identical olefins built up to the desired molecular weight; hydrogenated - any "loose" (more correctly, "unbound") valence bonds in the chain have been saturated with hydrogen as protection against oxidation in use.

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My only input would be the smell test. To me, PAO's smell like Elmer's glue while Group III's are more neutral (no odor) with a smell sweet (eg. Gummi bears or Tide). I think the sweet smell is the ester content. Interestingly enough, the Castrol TWS 10-60 smells like a sweet Elmer's glue (PAO and ester). I don't detect much sweetness in M-1 at all.

Q.S. synth. didn't really smell like Elmer's at all...more of a 'Syntec light' smell with just a faint smell of sweetness.
Yep, the MSDS indicates that its a PAO synthetic oil.

QS is printing out FALSE MSDS's and its a safety violation if this is untrue.
Which part is false...that it's a PAO or that the 5-30 and 10-30 are A3 or both???
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