QS Defy vs Pennzoil HM 5w30

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Nov 23, 2016
Oil change coming up on my Liberty...the leaking has gotten worse under Maxlife so I'd like to try another oil out. I know it might be hope against hope though lol. Up until this week it's been good enough not to drip, now it's dripping over night (nickel sized spot) so I'm hoping to at least get it back to where it doesn't mark its territory. I had a leak in my XJ that Maxlife didn't touch but Pennzoil more or less stopped. That's my first go to now, but I'm open to ideas. Figured I would ask about QS Defy, guessing it's similar to Pennzoil HM. Thanks!
You'll have trouble finding Defy now in stores. Replaced by QS High Mileage, which I'd estimate is about the same as Pennzoil HM. Don't know if the new formula has as much zinc as the old stuff.
That's what I meant, forgot about the name change, don't care about having a lot of zinc! If a mod could switch Defy to HM that'd be great!
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AAP was clearing out the 2016 QS Defy HM jugs the past month...along with the newer 2016/2017 QS HM jugs. The versions have been watered down a bit since the more potent QS Defy API-SL was readily available up to 1-2 yrs ago. I wouldn't imagine a big difference with QS HM syn blend vs the Pennzoil HM.
OK thanks. Does anyone have any other oil recommendations? I don't have any brand allegiance, would even try synthetic but I'm guessing that would be counter-intuitive for a leaker.
I'm running the QS HM Synblend in my Jeep and girlfriend's Suzuki...it's running well, not that Pennzoil wouldn't. For the same price roughly, it's marketed as a blend where the PHM is marketed as conventional. Whether it actually has a greater synthetic content, I have no clue.
QS HI MI oil is ILSAC GF5 rated API SN resource conserving. It seal conditioners and is a synthetic blend. since it is a resource conserving oil, at operating temperature it is on the thinner side of whatever weight you are using. Pennzoil hi mi is conventional. API SN only. Thats it. It is not a synthetic blend or resource conserving. It runs a little on the thicker side. Since you claim your jeep is leaking valvoline max life which is also ILSAC GF5 rated.(thin side) It may benefit your jeep to use Pennzoil Hi mileage since its a little thicker that may benefit your engine and slow a leak.
From my experience with my brothers 2000 Ford Focus it leaks like a siv with any oil including high mileage oils with the exception of Pennzoil High Mileage where I end up adding no top off oil in its 3,000 OCI's. Now with other HM oils I will end up adding 1-2 quarts of top off. Super Tech, Maxlife and Quaker State Defy have all been failures except Pennzoil.
Sounds like Pennzoil is the one to try then. Thanks everyone! I'll update this thread periodically.
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