PYB - PHM - QS Defy

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I just ran 5 qts QS Defy (and 1 qt PP) in my Yukon for 6,300 miles. Ran great! Of course, I used a Purolator Classic. :)
I have used the DEFY and I really liked it! Currently using MaxLife and like it too but, DEFY has an edge in smooth/quiet!

Have used PYB in many cars and as far as smooth/quiet, I think QS oils have the market on that IMHO!

I have not used PHM.
Currently using Pennzoil High Mileage - no change in engine noise from using Amsoil OE previously - but the hand sized , daily oil leak on pavement has reduced in size to the size of a silver dollar.

No history yet with QS Defy. I do plan to us it in the future though.
PYB 10w30 does run great! But for experimenting sake, should I go with Defy with High Zinc/Phosphorous and Boron or PHM with high Moly and Calcium...Wondering which runs smoother for you.
The Subaru has spent most of the past 80K since I got it on PYB, Formula Shell, and QSUD. PYB is the quietest oil in it.

The Olds will be getting the QS green bottle I have on hand, and likely go to QS Defy or PHM once I'm out of it, baring odd consumption or leaks occurring from getting an old low miles low use vehicle back on the road.
I've used QS Defy and PYB in both of the cars in my sig and am using a PYB 10w30/10w40 blend in my Jag now and have to say that Defy seems a hair smoother/quieter than PYB in my application. Will go back to it.
All three of those are exceptionally quiet running oils in my experience, but the edge goes to the Pennzoil brand. No difference between PYB and the HM variant as far as noise goes.
I have run all three of those oils. PHM has a slight edge IMHO. I have a fill of Defy right now and it's pretty smooth too. I like all three of these oils.
Good to know all these are close

I have used Defy for many OCI's and the cars ran smooth. If you have any leaks or seepage, then I would not use it.

PYB HM seems to have a lot of followers on this forum and has a very good add pack and does slow down minor leaks... Your choice.

Maxlife is also a very good oil and I would doubt if you could tell much difference sound wise on which oil is smoother running.
"The Subaru has spent most of the past 80K since I got it on PYB, Formula Shell, and QSUD. PYB is the quietest oil in it"

Yup...I have tried about 25 different brands in my Subaru including the ones you listed...PYB 10w30 is the smoothest - PUP 10w30 and QSGB 5w20 come close. The EJ25 is a great test bed.
I have used PYB and Defy. Both ran quiet, but the PYB was quieter. And its a little cheaper.

After a 5000 mile OCI, I had no noticeable consumption with PYB. But with Defy, I consumed about half a quart per 3000 miles. Not that its bad or anyhing.. Just an observation.

Going to give PHM a try after winter.
If you do not need to use a HM oil then PYB is the oil to use. If you choose to use a HM oil. The Defy would be my choice because it is normally less $$$ compared to PHM.
Defy 10w30 is not as smooth as PYB 10w30 or PUP 10w30 in the EJ25. I will give it more miles.
I've been a lifetime Valvoline user. I wasn't happy with the engine noise I was hearing as soon as I used Maxlife. After reading the different additives in different brand oils, I've made the switch from Valvoline VR1 10W30 that I was using in my older Mustangs because the high zinc for the flat tappet cams, to QS DEFY. It's nice going from the $5 a quart VR1 to $15 for 5 Quarts of QS DEFY 10W30. Not only do I get the zinc I want with the DEFY I also get the seal conditioners. For my Ranger and Explorer I've changed from Valvoline to Pennzoil HM 5W30 because of the high moly content, I feel The higher moly and a bit lower zinc in the PHM is better for the newer vehicles with catalytic converters. I just did the oil changes tonight so I don't know how they will do yet. I do have high hopes for quieter engines. I have to say I never though I would put Pennzoil in any of my cars because I always been told it will gunk up the engine. Maybe it was just a mistake Pennzoil made with a past additive. Today looking at what's in the different oils PHM and OS DEFY look a lot better than Valvoline. Sorry to get a little off the subject. I will update when I get some miles on my new oil.
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