Purolator PureONE C&P today 4 16 21

Oct 22, 2009
Wet side WA
Got to my April OCI today. I was nice sunny and 80 degrees.
The Corolla had 145464 miles on it and the oil 5179 miles. I'd had this oil in the Toyota since June 22, 2020.
Oil usage was less than a half quart.

20210416_154428 4 16 21 OCI.jpg

No sure what this date code is but I'm sure this was one of my older PureONE's.

20210416_154531 4 16 21 OCI.jpg
20210416_155135 4 16 21 OCI.jpg
20210416_155028 4 16 21 OCI.jpg

I don't care for the vanes here on the filter closing but no rips, or tares or errors.

Other side of the filter the pleats where very uniform and tight.

20210416_160528 4 16 21 OCI.jpg

One of my older ones before they went to louvers.
I miss the quality of the yellow P1 can. Used a lot of them before they changed and started tearing.
The yellow PureOnes had a lot of reported tears here.
The yellow PureOnes had a lot of reported tears here.

The yellow PureOnes had a lot of reported tears here.
Yes they have the Toyota filter is really very small and ridge. I've been using them since before 2010 they used to carry them a Kmart for $5 and pennies. I've yet to have one tare. I larger filter like my Duramax takes I don't think I'd trust one. But so far in over ten years not one I've had has been defective. Now I'm just getting them out of the stash and as they are used up I'll cut them so you can see the good, the bad and the ugly!
Looks good, like it got the job done. Been around awhile too, made 3/2013. Like you used many of it's cousin metric thread application 14610, never an issue with them on Hondas and Nissan. Laid off for awhile and went to Napa Gold 7356 getting for <$4, but recently took a shot at very closely related Bosch Prem 3323, louvered . Low priced on Amazon awhile back. Both c&ps have looked great, but now overpriced on Amazon.

Topic is the shorty 4967 equivalent, my guess is the longer 14477, 4386 equivalent would fit too. Never an adbv slit/indention issue with these because central portion of adbv, narrow and doesn't rest on inlet holes.

Thanks for c&p. I'd say you got your monies worth.
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