Purolator L16311

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Aug 21, 2013
Central Maryland
I was photo documenting the oil change on my Corolla when I noticed something I didn't like about my Purolator provided L16311. The media junction doesn't quite line up, but more importantly, the adhesive/compliance material on the ends wasn't smooth. It was bunched up near the joint, on both ends, as if it sagged from gravity during application. I took out my dial calipers and the difference between the high and low sides was .064". I'm not sure how much crush compliance there is with this material, so I decided not to install it and went with the Denso instead. Denso on the right in these pics. Dirt on new filter is from my hands, from draining the car.
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Don't use tearolaters Sorry but im mad their quality got so bad so fast they were one of my favorite filters.
The tearing doesn't extend to their cartridge line.
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