purolator isn't the only failing filter

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For what they charge for them, John Deere engine oil filters can be such poor quality... It is a shame.
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U sure thats a champ labs?...
100%. Round sealing gasket, and odd/unique 'clicker' bypass design. Compare to virgin STP S2808 dissection. http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2558466
Lol. An STP filter with the Deere name. That way they can charge 300-400% more than what they normally retail for and still make a killing on OEM parts.
Not just Deere, Kohler is now doing same thing also with Champ made, but some/many of those a now ecore. Though I'm sure others may/will have a different spin, I'm thinking low bidder. It is true though that the outdoor equipment filter applications are going to be significantly more expensive and one is better off choosing the equivalent automotive filter application. The latter are less expensive and may have better features like silicone adbv.
Thanks for the pics... Are there companies that produce just filter media? I wonder if champ and purolator happen to be using the same media grade from the same supplier? or does each filter mfg produce their own media? For some reason media seems to be lacking in structural integrity lately.
First Champ classic I have ever seen with a media tear! Champs media always seemed pretty thick and sturdy. This is why I generally don't buy dealer filters, I just cross to a Wix and sleep soundly! LOL
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