Purchased new Cooper AT3 LT tires

Oct 4, 2010
I have been needing new tires for my F150 and finally pulled the trigger a month ago. Truck came from the factory with LTC tires and LTC tires are very limited in the 275/65/18 for a decent price. Only about 6 tire options available, 3 of them being goodyears. Anyway I ended up going with some LT E tires instead due to availability and price. P rated tires just don't hold up for my needed and hate getting flat tires from the gravel roads. Old tires had 65K on them and were factory, overall can't say anything bad about those tires. Could have gone a little longer but wet traction was poor and needed new tires before winter. They had 4-5/32 left. I have about 500 miles so far ([pics also taken at 500 miles yesterday) and they seem to ride pretty nice for an LT E tires, not to much of a difference from the goodyear LTC tires they replaced. Much better wet traction but thats to be expected with old vs new tires. Paid $725 out the door installed with tire protection plan and a $70 MIR for a net price of $655 for 4 tires. Couldn't pass up that deal. I will update as I get more miles on them. [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
You'll enjoy the AT3's. I put 2 sets of the P-metric versions on my friend's Sport Trac, she got 50k out of each set with nice even wear. Just make sure to rotate regularly. The only downside of the AT3's are noise when cold. Once the temp drops below freezing they really roar until they warm up. However, the traction is amazing.
I had a set of the AT3 XLTs put on our F-150 this summer. I've noticed a huge decrease in noise and vibration compared to the BFG KM2s they replaced. I have several thousand kilometres on them so far, mostly highway (including a fair bit of towing) and am happy with them.
Have always heard good things about those tires, I think they're a great choice for an all terrain tire. Been impressed with the couple sets of Coopers I've owned. Sure look a lot nicer than Linglong or some Chinese budget brand displayed proudly in white letters like I see so often around here!
I have had the older AT3s on my XJ for almost 4 years. They are almost worn through will prob hit 60k on them before they get to the wear bars. Dry grip is still very good and the tire is still quiet. Only issue is wet grip has diminished but that's common with pretty used up/aged tires. Though I did pay $124 a tire and now they are $180.. which is quite the price jump. I'd still buy em again.
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A few years back the AT3 was the best dry/wet tested tire for pavement and mild off-road course. I think Tire Rack did a comparo recently and found it's still a high performer. Solid tire.
I have the LT 225/75R16 on my old Sierra and I haven't noticed them being noisy when cold at all, they are really a quite smooth ride.
I paid $634 out the door at Sam's Club for four new Michelins installed on my Tundra one year ago last September 28. They are the top rated tire at Tire Rack. Also includes free lifetime balancing and tire rotations and free road hazard warranty.