puralator plus L series

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Apr 30, 2009
Puerto Rico
hi, i am new here but have been reading up for a while. Because of this site I have swtvhed from Valvoline to Penzoil and from using the OEM filter in my 08 CRV to using the Pure one. Now my question is, that puralator plus L series any good? since it is on sale at the local store for $15.99 with 5 qts of penzoil YB. I am considering it for my Yaris and my CRV

Thanks in advanced
I have used them on and off when I get a good deal on them. However, Purolator is now jointly owned by some German companies. I recently cut open an L 10193 and found it had far less media in it than they used to, more like a Fram, barely half what you would find in the old ST3950 and similar filters.

Of course, my tape measure tells me nothing about the quality of the media.

Purolator also has a dome end bypass which I don't like.

Of course, with all the engines that survive running Frams, how important can oil filters be?
In my home tests, I find the Purolator that I use has one of the best flows and filtration I've seen.
As for Pennzoil, I'm still afraid of it. One of my best friends, a master mechanic for many years, showed me too many oil pans full of silver wear sludge that he said was from YB. Maybe it's better now, but you know how that kind of thing can leave a bad feeling forever. I still like Valvoline. They tell you how much ZDDP it has right on the website.
My 2 cents
I used to use Purolator oilfilters, but not for a couple years now. Wix or Mobil 1 are probably the best nowadays. And yeah I agree there is nothing wrong w/ Valvoline, IMO it is better than the YB Pennzoil (especially Maxlife, which is great stuff).
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Proof in this thread that old myths die hard. Pennz YB with a Puro Plus (now Classic) filter is just fine for a 5K OCI. Advance Auto has the similar offer PYB or QS for $14.99. Use with confidence.

Valvoline will work fine too, but at this point the 5qt jugs are more expensive than either QS or PYB.

The Puro Prem Plus is not the equal of the Pure One (silcone adv, filtration), but will run the OCI mentioned above.
Yes. Old myths do die hard. I feel like Pennz is fine now, but I'm a Valvoline/Royal Purple guy from habit. (Exept for the air-cooled VW bus, I like Kendall conventional and Mystik Synth blend).

Pure One filters very well, but the flow seems kind of low. I would want an oversized spec. match to feel good about it. IIRC, it took almost 2 minute for the element (PL10241 removed from can) to fill the center tube with 5W-20 at room temp. when I gave it the old dip test. To me, not woth the exrta 1% or so efficiency over a Premium L10241 element with its 45ish second fill time.

Thanks for the replies. I still have a gallon of valvoline left for the crv which I will use but I will def get that deal I mentioned at the begining. Again thanks for the feedback.
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