Pump spill-out

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Nov 17, 2005
Arlington, TX
Hopefully to make this short, i was at the shell gas station today and when i took the pump off the hook to fill up my tank, gas started to come pouring out all over the side of my vehicle... i quickly tried to place it into my tank hole to avoid spillage on my vehicle's paint... I thought that it would still be ok if i continue to go ahead and pump gas, and so i did. i used 93 premium and after the pump shuts off (i waited awhile as always to allow any gas left to come out)... but when i took off the pump, gas starts to spill out all over the exterior side of my vehicle AGAIN
... SO... did i get a bad tank of gas or is it just that the pump is defective and giving free and maybe "still good quality?" gas for whoever else is using it?? If the gas that is spilling out is still good quality, please let me know so i can go back there with a whole tankful of empty fuel reservoirs. I would of told the clerk at the counter about the problem, but i had to leave ASAP as i was in a hurry to a destination.
The spillage is more like a slow dripping that cannot be shut-off... I also did notice that this pump was in out-of-order about 2 weeks ago... Here are a few questions that i would like to know:
1) Did i get a bad tank of gas?
2) Did i get my premium that i paid for?
3) Should i go back there and get me some FREE GAS???

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might be a bad check valve in one of the vapor suck-up doo-dads. I know one pump (and I'm keeping it a secret
) that keeps pumping a pencil-sized stream of fuel once you've shut off the pump... the numbers stop adding up.
I leave it going and wash all my windows, slowly. IDK if others need to be pumping somewhere at the station for this to work.
I'd go straight back tomorrow with a can, and while ever the thing fills without changing the dollar value, let her rip.
^^^^^ I'd like to see someone that gets pump spillover try to pay the gas station for the extra. The cashier wouldn't know what to do.
There's something wrong with the pump. The station is responsible for keeping their gas in their tanks and not letting it leach into the groundwater or atmosphere.

They monitor what they buy, and what they sell, and the difference, if it gets big enough, requires action.

The OPs pump presents an environmental and fire hazard and should be repaired. I'd be glad if someone managed to contain this "free gas" instead of letting it into the ozone or wellwater and would not call it stealing.
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