Pulled the Camry's valve cover gasket today (big pics inside)

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Feb 3, 2005
This is what I found inside:




Not so bad I guess, but worse than the Volvo was. I guess when it comes time to Auto-rx the van and Volvo, I should do this car too.

I'm wondering what oil I should be using. The car is a 1996 Camry LE with the 2.2l 5sfe motor, has covered about 112k miles and currently gets Mobil 1 and Denso filters with the OCI somewhere between 8 and 10k miles. Does this sound like the way to go for this engine? Shorter OCI? Different oil? The old valve cover gasket was leaking, so I replaced it today, which is why the cover was off.
i used to work for toyota so ive seen this alot.
i would highly recomend chevron supreme
and do oci at 3k max.these motors are known to sludge
Another Toyota sludge monster!
It just shows that 8-10K intervals even with a synthetic are way too long for this kind of an engine.
It looks very nasty, BTW.


1. Perform at least one rinse cycle with Auto-Rx.
2. Continue to use a synthetic.
3. Shorten your oil change intervals to 3-5K miles.

Just for a reference:
Here is a pic of my Ford engine after 65K miles on it and continues use of a synthetic with 10-12K mile oil change intervals.

The bulk oil is not any worse than the brand name stuff sold in the stores.
Picture shows why it is. Especially with a Toyota with hot heads, cam chewing, oil shearing action.
Again, the bulk oil is exactly the same SM rated stuff you buy in the stores.
Don't blame the oil.
Vad it depends on who you get it from. If its in a container that is sealed properly that is always the best choice. I will leave that up to you to decide whether that container is a bulk container or quarts.
Well, when I say bulk, I mean from a dealer or a quicky-lube type oil change place, as referred to the delivery method, not the way it's being stored.
Like Charley Brown would have said: UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

I can't believe the thing actually still runs. What kind of oil was used up until this point and at what OCI?
Why wait!! You should do a double Auto-rx treatment immediately. Then, you should follow it up with a regular regime of Lube Control.
**** thats pretty bad for my liking. I use Amsoil Series 3K with no more than 6K oil change intervals but i know my truck isnt prone to sludge. Auto-rx that bad boy.
Is anybody reading PulMax's text? He says he currently uses Mobil 1 at 8,000 to 10,000 change intervals. He didn't say it has had that exclusively, but I get the impression that he has used it for a signfificant amount of miles.

So why the urge to blame dino oil, bulk oil, etc.? Or are you saying this is bulk synthetic Mobil 1 oil that is the cause?

Anyway, blaming bulk dino oil for this seems to be a non sequitir if it gets Mobil 1.
For sure, this is a badly dirty engine. A couple years ago, I saw a 5S-FE in a Camry at my Toyota dealer, with its head cover off. It looked as if someone had packed the entire head and valve train with dark chocolate cake frosting. Hideous and far worse than this engine. Hey, as long as it's still running, there's some hope. . . Maybe a couple runs of HDEO to clean up what is willing to come off. Good luck with it.

EDIT: Jet: Note that the 5S-FE, along with its 1MZ-FE V-6 counterpart, were the two infamously sludge prone Toyota engines. The I-4 from what I've heard was less susceptible. This would appear to be an example of what can happen with such an engine, regardless of oil used, if the owner pushes too far.

Originally posted by ekpolk:
This would appear to be an example of what can happen with such an engine, regardless of oil used, if the owner pushes too far.

Anything longer than 3-5K mile intervals would be too far on these kind of engines.
I don't know what all the fuss is about. These pictures demonstrate a beautiful example of an engine still showing its original factory varnish protectant augmented by a nice baked-on hard carbon patina to ward off the insideous development of corrosion. Try extending your OCIs on out to 3 yr./30,000 miles (whichever comes last). Further proof, if there need be any, that the 3mo./3,000 milers are pathetically delusional in their psychotic fantasies.

(Yes, this was sarcasm.)
Its not so much me pushing, as much as it is me being lazy and letting time slip to far for a car I don't drive :|

I'm a bad car maintainer
This one will be getting AutoRX proper and then when thats all done I 'll start using Mobil 1 again and do a shorter OCI.
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