Public Service - Where to buy hard to find NASCAR oil

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Sep 19, 2004
I know GC and Mobil 1R 0W 30 are hard to find in some some places - but I managed to get my oil stained hands on a few quarts of 76 High Performance Full Synthetic TRACK Formula in 10W 30 (20W 50 also available). Got mine from Sparks Oil Co. in Reidsville, NC. $55/ case of 12 plus shipping. The stuff is made in LA. GF-3 rated. SJ API 482F Flash Pt. -58F Pour Pt. 10.4 cST@ 100C 3.3 High Temp/ High Shear Viscosity 1.1 Sulfated Ash 9.0 TBN 0.128 % Zinc Mine was made in late 2003. Rumor has it that within Nascar, Richard Childress Racing, Hendricks Motor Sports and other engine builders have bought the same 10W 30. Should be good for 500 miles in my truck - you think?
Should be good for 500 miles in my truck - you think?
It depends. What's your lap time? [Big Grin]
If someone is really interested in buying this oil,PM me.A local dealer has it for $49.79 + shipping.I won't post the link out of respect for the site sponsors. Mark
Also check out the Joe Gibbs racing oil. I called to inquire who makes it. The guy was actually nice and informative. Said Lubrizol makes it. I asked him about Sponsors and oil brands in these cars. He said a lot use Mobil 1 but Mobil makes oils to their specifications, as do the others. He did say that he doesn't know anyone that uses Amsoil professionally in NASCAR. He said many dealers want you to think it's in the car but it's really not.
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