PU 0w20 vs PUP 5w20

Jan 13, 2009
North Carolina, Wake County (Raleigh)
Speaking about the current 2019 versions of these two oils only - Pennzoil Platinum 0w20 Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w20 Excluding the following variables from any consideration whatsoever: 1. 0w vs 5w doesn't matter as the temps never drop below 25 degrees farenheit 2. Price is exactly the same between the two 3. Availability of both oils is equal Including the following factors: 1. The two subject oils only (the Pennzoil Ultra 0w20 is not in consideration here) 2. Start stop traffic, with about 4 runs each day for 15 minutes each run in 30F to 45F temperatures in winter and 80F avg in summer). Basically oil never reaches and sustains optimal operating temps 3. Honda VCM, OR Hybrid Atkinson Cyle engines 4. Long OCIs (~5-7K on Honda VCM to 10K on hybrids) Which will perform better and why? (subject to the exclusions above) Thanks Desh
PUP is their premium product, so "in theory" PUP 5W20 should perform better. I'd call Pennzoil and ask them.
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It "depends".....if the 0w20 has more VII's, but the same base oil blend, I'd lean towards the 5w20. I believe within the Pennzoil line the base oil blend is probably the same % of GTL, however that can't be confirmed. Within the Mobil 1 line, the 0w20's are PAO based with the 5w20 contain significant III/GTL. In that case, the 0w20 is likely the better of the two.
If you're focusing on the most problematic part of your qualifiers, the Honda VCM... go with PUP 5W20. Less VII, less NOACK, "likely" more stay-clean power. I ran the PUP 5W20 much longer than 10K in my 2011 Fusion, and also ran it in my 2006 Odyssey with VCM out to 7,500 miles. Both UOAs showed no issues, and I gave the Odyssey to my stepson at 190k without ever having had any VCM problems or failures.