PSU failure that I thought was my GPU

Dec 23, 2006
Canuck - moved to —> California —> Texas —> ???
This one was a weird one as it started off with the GPU crashing, which happened after driver update. The screen would go dark, naturally I though something was wrong either with the GPU or the new drivers. I play a sim racing game (Project Cars 2) from time to time and it would crash there. My son plays Roblox and it would be fine. Installing prior driver version seemed to help at first, but the crashes returned. I even went back to drivers from mid 2021 with no difference.

Then it would start crashing randomly during browsing, watching youtube or gaming. So I started to suspect the PSU and since it is a lot cheaper than a GPU I got a new one and so far no crashes. I don't have the means to check my old PSU, so I'm not sure what failed. I did check if the cooling fan was working on it, which it did, and I didn't see nay burnt marks or experienced weird smells. It was over 7 years old and non modular, so not a huge loss and luckily it didn't take out any components with it, so that is a huge plus. GPU prices are crazy these days.

I also lucked out on the PSU purchase, as I found a "used" Seasonic Focus GX650 80 gold+ Modular PSU from Amazon warehouse deals for $66. It was just the PSU and cables. Doesn't look like it was used, but returned with no original box perhaps.