proper way to sample virgin motor oil

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May 23, 2004
i have read blackstones faq on how to sample used motor oil, and it says it is best for the oil to be at operating temperature when the sample is taken. im not sure how you would do this with brand new oil. so im assuming you can just take oil straight out of the bottle? i emailed blackstone asking them the proper procedure, but i was wondering if anyone here knew since i probably wont get a reply until tomorrow, or even later
Shake the bottle too and maybe from more than one bottle. You want a good average. Ever go to a Indian restaurant and get that one mouthful that had more spice than the rest of the dish?

Seriously, I had GC sitting on the shelf for awhile (~2 months) just waiting for the next oil change. I just put it in 2 weekends ago and it just didn't look consistent as it poured. Nothing alarming, but noticable. Once in the engine you can be sure it will get blended nicely.
heres blackstones reply for future reference

"For virgin oil, just shake up the bottle for about a minute and pour
a sample into our container. It doesn't have to be warm.

Ryan Stark
Blackstone Labs"
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