Proper Oil Analysis Technique

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Jan 8, 2003
Roseville, MI
I want to be sure that I use oil analysis correctly so I wanted to ask some people with more experience. I have been reading and it seems not all analysis's are created equal. Here is what I would like to do to determine the best oil for my vehicle. Using the same oil filters for all. Is this the proper technique? Using Castrol 5w30 conventional motor oil I have changed the oil once at 800 miles and will change again at 3K. I will sample from the second drain at 6K miles. At 6K I will change to Mobil 1 full synthetic and go to for 4K miles. Drain, sample, and refill with Mobil 1. If the analysis looks good I will take it to 6500-7000K and sample again. Whichever results work the best I will go with that oil at that change interval. I have some of the Blackstone kits, but do I need to ask them to check for any items that may not be standard on their tests to determine the best oil with proper change interval? Thanks for the help! Jason [Burnout]
Sounds like you have the right idea! Using the same filter for each run is the best way to do it, but if you don't, at least don't use one that is vastly different in filtration and flow efficiency (such as going from a super fine filter like the PureONE all the way to a 40 micron cheap filter) To help you determine drain intervals best, when you get your Blackstone kit ask them to test for TBN as well. It's an extra $10 but it's important info to have when you want to see how an oil can handle longer intervals.
I am currently using Amsoil and I was wondering how to do an "Oil Analysis". I don't think the local Quickie Lube can do it. Do I have to buy a test kit or something along that route? If so, who is the best? Who is the cheapest? or ... who do you recommend and for what reason? What are the procedures? Also, to any of those that have done a "filter only change", what's the best way to keep the oil in the filter from going everywhere? Or, do you just accept that there is going to be a mess and clean it up? Thanks!!!
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