Propenoic Acid and Methyleicosyl Ester

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Jun 4, 2002
Can any of you clue me in to what these are? Propenoic Acid and Methyleicosyl Ester. Both of these are used in a new oil formulation I am curious about
Propenoic Acid and Methyleicosyl Ester. Check the spelling of the Methyleicosyl part. The propenoic acid and the Methyl acid are used in making esters. Whan an acid and an alcohol are combined under controlled conditions, an ester is formed. Research shows these two acids are used in the manuifacter of the long chanin molecules in the plastic industry and for applications as Viscosity Index Improvers (VII). I believe it to be one of the new shear resistant VII's.
Molakule,reconfirmed,it is the proper spelling.You have a private message edit: The Private Message part seems to not be working,,wish you had your email available. [ August 22, 2002, 04:41 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
OK,was going to give more info but direct links not allowed. The Phillips Oil Company has a new formulation HD II oil that the Ester can be found in the MSDS for all grades which is the 10/30 and the 15/40. I would like to see if you after seeing are thinking what I am thinking considering pour point,cold crank pressures [Smile] I did confirm it is a group II + base but it seems to have something extra? [ August 22, 2002, 07:53 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
Dragboat, direct links are allowed ONLY if they are not sales propaganda. msds's, tech datas and such no problem. Just like to keep the company sales pitches out of the mix. Discussions about the products no problem, even excerpts copied and pasted off the sales pages, no problems but links to their sales pages and how to purchase such, I want to avoid as this board is more for discussions on subjects mainly for educational purpose and of course if someone wants to buy any product mentioned, then they can email direct to the person about that product to find where to get it and such or check our supporters site and contact them if something they carry. Still working on the Personal Messg's section.
Bob,Thanks for clarifing,I did not know the forum rules on that. Anyway,that oil seems a semi syn w/o the advertisement that it is,I don't know how else they could get a low our point out of a group II+ 10/30 oil? Also,the 1.0 percent ash is pretty low for a diesel oil Molakule,I did not keep the mailing address for you,I have bought two cases of the 132,,wanted to send you a bottle on me! I saw where you were thinking about using it with the Supersyn later.
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