Product data sheets for Motorcraft oil

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Jan 16, 2003
Shippensburg, PA
Anyone have a data sheet for Motorcraft 10W-30? If you were choosing a dino 10W-30, would you use Motorcraft, Chevron, or Pennzoil? Why? I have narrowed my choices to these 3 oils.
I believe the conocophillips website would have what you are looking for. As a proud stockholder I would love for you to purchase the conoco or motorcraft product. The current pennzoil product is very good also, Johnny I never dreamed I post that publicly !
Joe and others that website needs updated,those are SJ oils and not typical of the current formulation,,TBN included. I will see what I can dig up,
I have a few specifications from the Conoco Hydroclear 10W-30. Pour Point: -40ºF Flash Point: 421ºF Visc. @ 40ºC: 69 cST @ 100ºC: 10.4 cST @ 100ºC: 354 SuS @ 210ºC: 62 SuS Visc. Index: 134 CCS @ -25ºC: 6200 cP MRV TP-1 @ -30ºC: 20,300 cP I didn't see a TBN and there were other data figures such as specific gravity that I didn't make note of.
Originally posted by novadude: Anyone have a data sheet for Motorcraft 10W-30? If you were choosing a dino 10W-30, would you use Motorcraft, Chevron, or Pennzoil? Why? I have narrowed my choices to these 3 oils.
I would usually ask what engine and how it is used but out of these three oils I really believe the Motorcraft will protect better hold it's TBN and keep the engine cleaner over the long haul plus it is available every where and had the potential for a relatively long drain interval in some motors and driving conditions. I would put this oil up against many supposedly superior oils . The contact person was in the field yesterday. I will post the Motorcraft data as soon as I get it and the NOAK. Yeah I am biased,oil anaylisis confirms my faith in this oil. [Smile] I beleive it is a better oil than ( some ) group III synthetics and price is 1.33 per quart for now. [Off Topic!] All oils are having a price increase,,with the great shelf life of some of these I would recommend stocking up on your favorites
5W-20 is the wave of the future. Most Ford Motor Company 2001 model year engines have been designed to use this new oil and Ford Motor Company now recommends it for many older vehicles as well.
ROFLMAO [LOL!] [LOL!] [LOL!] [LOL!] "have been designed" [LOL!] [LOL!] [LOL!] All they've done is taken a pre-01 motor and used it for 01-up models w/o any bearing, camshaft, piston, ring, etc... clearance changes that would WARRANT the NEED for 5W-20. And they recommend it for older engines too.... Does my 81 T-bird's 302 V8 have to use 5W-20 now? [Smile] BTW Motorcraft's specs are pretty impressive for its 5W-30. At $1.33/qt, its competitive w/ Pennzoil.
Metroplex, I believe the date of your quote was the year 2000. I believe they were correct in saying 20wt oils will be in the future.Look now,3 years later. I do not believe Mobil would gear up and make a new 20 wt Supersyn for Ford and Honda only. Just wait and see,,more makers will require oils of these types in the future and I think they will do their job well in the better formulated oils.
Originally posted by novadude: Any SL Motorcraft data yet??? Thanks.
Novadude, no updated info yet. Have you tried contacting Motorcraft and asking them if they have updated specs? : [Off Topic!] By the way, my 1990 LX 5.0 Convrt had 143,000 miles when I sold it. No major problems ever occured with the engine. The engine was the original one, and had never been cracked open. With March ram air, 3.73 gears, Transgo shift kit, no cats with 3 chamber flowmasters, that car ran like a scalded dog. And dumb-butt me sold it [Frown] -Joe
Ford has been contacted from what I have heard about upgrading to the current oil data. You might take the above Conoco data and this add pack left over from the interval and be close. The oil was hardly hit and still had a TBN of 7.5 If this truck has more hiway miles on the interval and the ambient was cooler no telling how far the oil would have ran out ?;f=3;t=000105#000000
Hmmmm... I'm thinking of dropping my Drive Clean Blend and going to this Motorcraft oil. [Smile] Looks like I can save myself $5 / oil change, and still have a **** good oil.
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