Prime choice brake pads

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Mar 12, 2007
Anyone have any real experience with there ceramic brake pads, not my friend used them and he said type of info. Thanks
Looks pretty cheap to me. With brake parts you often get what you paid for. I would expect them to wear fast and also have high dust since quality ceramic pads are usually 50+ Does that mean they won't work? No, I'm sure they will work for stopping the car but might have higher dust or more noise. I use Wearever Platinum ceramics from advance auto, with rotors you can get enough in the cart to use the 40% off code
+1 to what 901Memphis said. Cheep ceramic pads typically coupled with high-dusting and short (very short) durability issues. The cheepest ceramic brake pads I used on camrys lasted around 8mnths of 80% in-city driving and worn out; ATE, Akebono proACTS or even Monroe and some regular grade Wagners typically gets 3yrs avg of use. Q. Lastly: I got 30% approx. customer comebacks when using cheep ceramic pads, mostly due to noise (squeals of some sort) after a couple of mnth's of usage (poor bedding)
I put on some semi metallic rear pads on my vehicle about 2 months ago, so far so good with no dust at all yet. Time will tell, but so far so good...
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