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Oct 15, 2005
hey guys

i was just spinning by a canadian tire store and bought come castrol syntec on sale ,
15 % off which puts it at 6.79 per litre plus tax ,better than 7.99 at regular price,
and yes they have lots of stock even in 5w20,
actually sale starts today and ends jan. 27
all grades by the way are the same price,

so grab yourselves a few litres !
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posted January 20, 2006 08:30 AM

Thanks BlackHonda...

I am also located in the Toronto area, and I am using Amsoil XL 5W20 only for the reason where I can pick it up at $6.00 a quart (6.25 if it was a full liter bottle)... I would like to try/use Mobil1 5W20 for my 01 AccordV6 or even Castrol Syntec, but only if I was able to buy them at the same cost as I can get Amsoil at or even better..

I tried to search ever where, Walmart, CND Tire etc..., and even jobbers like Nappa who carries Mobil1 (only 5w30/10w30) and even their pricing is pretty high at 7.95 per liter is the best I can get it at.. And still CNDTires sale price is still obvious higher then Amsoil street price...

It seems the pricing in CND for Motor Oils seems to be a very control market from the Oil companies...

If anyone in the Toronto area that knows of a place that carries or sells Mobil1 at $6.00 or less (5w20), can you pls share with us where

Just to let you know. Here in Canada the price of AMSOIL will be going down first of Feb.
Our XL line will be going from $8.40 to $7.25 retail.
My price to board members will be..........lets just say, lower than the the price you quoted for the 5W20.
Plus you can pick it up at the Missisauga warehouse.
If your just interested in Mobil...disregard this post.
It will self distruct in.....5....4.......3.
We need to set up a database, like, but for motor oils. In fact, with the internet, one could make a website like that for all products in a city, based on bar codes.

I might try the Amsoil 5w20, at that price. Here, Wal Mart's recycled 5w20 is over c$3/L, while store brand Oreilly's 5w20 in the US is us$1.24/qt.

Mobil 1, 4.4L (4.7 qt) jug: c$35!!!!
here is some dino prices at canadian tire i recalled just yesterday
5w30 pennzoil,quaker state,valvoline,
$3.29 per 946 ml=1 quart
this is slightly less than 1 litre

5w30 castrol
$3.29 per litre
with castrol you get slightly more for same price

now that you have got me going i am going to check out other grades and exact prices,
5w20 castrol is $ 3.99 per litre ,I 'll be back
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