Prestone Fuel System Cleaner

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Oct 3, 2008
Is this stuff any good? I'm trying out the one for SUVs at the moment, which treats up to 35 gallons. Locally, the only American ones I've been able to find is Prestone, CRC, STP, Gunk, Castle and something else I cannot remember at the moment. No Chevron Techron or anything like that.

The CRC looks very impressive, but it's more aimed towards passing emission testing from what I gather. I cannot really comment on the rest. STP is actually sourced from the UK and other than that, there's nothing much I can say. The only thing I know is most of these treat up to 16 gallons, and I have a 25 gallon gas I'll be needing 2 bottles for anything else other than Prestone.
Forgot to mention, Mitsubishi sell their own fuel system cleaner here in a small aluminium bottle. But it costs $14 each and I need 2 of those.
I would probably choose these first:

1) Amsoil PI
2) Redline Fuel System Cleaner
3) Techron
The CRC Guaranteed To pass contains PEA, and will do a good job of cleaning. That cleaning is what helps the vehicle to pass an emissions test.
I personally use the Shell concentrate Fuel Injector and Fuel system cleaner. Some top notch stuff and it doesn't break the wallet like some of the other brands. The only other I would use is the Techron Cleaner by Chevron.
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