Pressure washer pump oil level sight glass vs dip stick is very different

Mar 16, 2003
I have a Honda powered Excel industrial pressure washer with an Annovi Reverberi pump. The pump has a dip stick and a sight glass to check the pump oil level. It reads way over the full line on the sight glass but perfect at the full mark on the dip stick(on level garage floor). I called the manufacture(AR) and asked what I should go off of and they said the dip stick. This is inserted and screwed all the way down then taken out and level checked. You can see the oil is right in the middle of the safe section. Just curious if you agree with the manufacture? This unit was new in 2002 and still runs well and is all original so it must be ok. I was just thinking about it and wanted to see what ya'll think:

I’m not sure how that dipstick works, but I know often they don’t want you to screw the dip sticks back in instead, they want you to rest it on the edge of where the dipstick goes in to measure properly.