"PREMOPLUS" Bypass filter... anybody ever used one?

May 15, 2012
The land of USA-made Subies!
See attached link; says it catches 98.7%@3 microns, and has a "heating chamber" to ensure oil in bypass filter reaches 195*F, and boils off any fuel in the oil. Haven't found a price yet, but was surfing bypass filters for my 3.5EB for grins.

There have been variations on this setup for years. I remember something nearly identical being sold in the 1990's. I had the brochure floating around my house forever.

I do use a bypass filter (motorguard) on my Lister diesel generator, as it has no filter at all. So, why not clean some of the oil.
I guess what’s a little different is this has active heating to help rid the oil of fuel and water. One thing that’s not clear is where the “vent” is plumbed- to atmosphere, or to the PCV/intake? It seems like a fairly large system to find room for under a car/pickup hood though.
I messed with the Amsoil Bypass filter on a 1988 Camry for 7 years and I can not see any advantage for a vehicle that has a low capacity oil sump engine. it is not worth the money or any real advantages. They do filter better but the odds are the Vehicle will out last our ownership before any advantage is received with a bypass filter installation unless you really want to push the oil change intervals. Still there is the fuel,dilution issue I doubt any bypass filter will help with but I could and may be wrong. Get a bypass filter it will be fun. Almost forgot I have looked at the filter you mentioned way back in 2000 playing on the net. It seems to be semi truck sized.