"Prehistoric" 0W-30 Found in a K-Mart Tar Pit

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Jul 6, 2005
USAF Museum
Most of us have seen or are at least aware of "ancient" 0W-30, aka AC or American Castrol...


...and, of course, are familiar with GC or German Castrol.


However, I recently saw what I assume to be something even older, and am wondering if any of you have any experience with or knowledge of it.

It is a lone bottle at a K-Mart, so who knows how or why it ended up there.

The graphics are similar to, but not the same as those on an AC bottle. Where the AC bottle has "Syntec" in white, this one has "Synthetic" (or maybe "Syntec") in silver. Above and to the right of that it has "New" on an upward slant in a box.

There is no copyright date on the back, though it does say "Made in America", is SJ/ILSAC GF-2 and has the same SKU # as found on GC Green bottles.

There isn't the familiar date stamped on the bottom, though there is a date on the bottom of the rear, and it is M82716A54A4 1316.

Do you believe that "8" refers to 1998?

Does any of this ring a bell with any of you?

Unfortunately, no photo.
I think that's AC V.1
I've got a bottle of that and the other AC bottle just for prosperity.
I have pics somewheres, but i thought someone else already posted some?

Originally posted by XB70:
It is a lone bottle at a K-Mart, so who knows how or why it ended up there.

My guess is it was a return. Oil is oil. Castrol is Castrol, to customer service people making $7 an hour.

From some of the stories on here, most can't tell whether it's new or used at Walmart.
The AZ in the south part of town is now stocking the "prehistoric" stuff. There were about 5 bottles in the rack. Did some Distribution Center uncover a long forgotton stash of ancient oil?
I returned 6qts of AC to my local AZ once I discovered my SNAFU. They're all gone now so someone either thought they were getting some good stuff or the stock has been moved.
I noticed that when i was in the other az around my parts the other week their GC 0w30 was replaced by the 2002 era stuff of USA made 0w30. Very odd that they had the entire shelf filled with 2006 GC two weeks before that visit..
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