PQIA Issues An Alert!

Well, it reduces oil consumption, fuel efficiency, the ability to start you car on a cold day, a warm day, or the chance your catalytic converter to survive...
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It doesn't even list the viscosity rating. This oil is good for maybe an oil heater. Assuming it's even oil. The way it didn't mix with 5w30 is straight scary from a motor oil enthusiast perspective. I'd use old cans of oil from eBay before this.
I don't see the problem here. Engine smoke will decrease, wear will decrease, and emissions will also decrease after the engine seizes. It never specified that it would accomplish the task beforehand. /s
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What good is an "alert" if the avg consumer has likely never heard of PQIA?
That's where states' attorney generals come into play...
PIQA sends me their updates to my business email and I took a look at the analysis; horrendous! It appears to be a gear lube. No label on the back makes me suspect that some uneducated person refilled the bottles with gear lube, or is selling a mis-filled bottle with the wrong label. Amazon needs to be notified that the seller needs to found and forced to desist from selling a product that could damage engines.
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This junk recommends a 10k oci. If your engine survives after 10k of abuse on this "oil" it would be a verifiable miracle.
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Scary thing it has several positive reviews on eBay. Could they be legitimate? The reviews...not the oil
Some reviews are fake because there are FaceBook groups to promote positive reviews in exchange for the product. If any review sounds like its puffed up, you can be assured it is fake or sponsored.
This oil is certainly special. I've never seen a product create a bitog consensus on TWO counts: 1) PQIA alert 2) It's thick with an ultra high VI