PP 5W40 SM, now PP 5W40 Euro SL ?

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Jul 14, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
http://www.pennzoil.com.au/downloads/tds/Pennzoil_Platinum_Synthetic_Euro_Formulation_5W-40.pdf http://www.pennzoil.com.au/products/2008/petrol/pz_products_5W40.asp Pennzoil platinum in Australia has always been SM with the Made in USA logo on it. Now they are stocking this new version instead, PP Euro Formulation. Interesting is that is it now a SL rated oil. Possibly because this oil is now blended by Shell somewhere around here (Asia/Australasia etc). Also it is Rumoured that Shell Helix Ultra and PP 5W40 are the same, or same formulation, i have read a few posts on other forums (nothing gospel) about Helix Ultra 5W40 foaming in certain cars, which require oil level to be checked with engine running and apparently making it hard to read....Has this ever been and issue with PP ? Also wouldnt this occur with any oil while running ?
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Also wouldnt this occur with any oil while running ?
yes, although some oils foam more than others. In racing, good dry sump oil tanks have a de-aeration plate or shelf that the oil flows over as it drops into the tank after being scavenged. Silicon is one additive that controls foaming in an oil.
Polyacrylates are another antifoaming agent frequently used. There are also a few posts in other forums that Helix Ultra had left small amount of cluncks in oil filter. The guy had been switching between Mobil, Shell, Motul, Shell. Everytime after an OCI, Shell was the one that left deposits inside the oil filter. 5W40 is a full syn big market. I will consider Mobil, Motul, Castrol and Valvoline before using Shell products.
slidetaker, on what basis is that ? If Shell is leaving deposits in the filter isnt that a good thing ? Clunks of what, engine material, sludge etc ?
I remember it was a sticky long post in the Skyline forum about engine oil. You will have better luck finding the details there. It was a few months ago.
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