PP 5w30, 8,279km 2013 F150 EB, 24,500km Total

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Sep 19, 2012
SK, Canada
Hello everyone, here is the fourth UOA for my 2013 F150 Ecoboost. Let me know your thoughts. I refilled again with PP and a motorcraft filter. I plan to keep my OCI's around 8,500km for now and continue with UOA's.
It did shear down some; you may want to try PU to see if that helps the shearing. It helped in my Saturn...
Flashpoint seems low for an oil with only a trace of fuel. I thought Blackstone calculated flashpoint from fuel dilution, so this seems a bit odd. If the shearing is of concern, you may want to try Mobil1 5w/30. Pennzoil synthetics tend to be on the thin side, Mobil1 on the thick. In 5w/30 The "old" Platnum's 100C Cst is 10.4 vs Mobil1's 11.0. The new formula Platinum is thinner still. The oil will likely still shear, but may be more likely to stay in grade. And I suspect Blackstone meant to suggest trying 10,000 km next time rather than 10,000 miles.
Yeah Danh, I am also assumming they mean 10,000km. Thanks for the M1 suggestion, I may give it I try. The only reason I keep using PP is because I stocked up when it was on sale. I still have enough for 3 more oil changes, then may switch to something else. How does Castrol Edge w/ Syntec compare to M1 and PP?
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