PP 5w-30, 12' Buick Regal 2.4l DI Ecotec 7936mi

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Feb 19, 2010
Western Massachusetts
AC Delco filter (Hengst). 31,556 miles total, OLM read 14%. Mixed highway/local use, driven gently by my own dear mother, haha.

Disappointed to see the metals in the oil still, though trending down. My 10' COrvette has done the same thing. Several oil changes in, I still see significant iron in the oil analysis, but trending slightly less with each change. I guess these newer GMs just take years to break in.

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The viscosity is down, most likely from the Fuel in the Oil and not shearing.

The GM engines usually do hang on to wear metals for a long time; hopefully it will go down towards normal before too long.
I have Mobil1 0W40/FRAM Ultra oil filter in my 2012 Equinox 2.4 now. The next oil sample will be interesting.

I will be very interested to see your results! The next oil change in this will be something a bit thicker. I run Castrol GC or their new 0w-40 euro oil in my Corvette and Audi.
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I'm sure you know the prevailing theory about DI engines, micro-particulates, timing/balancer chain wear and oil change intervals. The chain wear is significant enough to require "in warranty" replacement on some engines. To prevent warranty claims, GM recalibrated the OLM and thereby shortened the OCI's. However, it seems the chain wear issues still remain.

I've gone to 5000 mile OCI's on my Ecoboost, which was also showing high iron. And, I've switched to M1, 10W-30 EP oil. The result has been significantly reduced wear metals. I may go to M1, 0W-40.
I don't like the results. With 30k, engine is broken in.

What you are seeing is excessive wear from fuel dilution thinning the oil. These engines need shorter intervals or thicker oil to stave off the damage.

M1 0W-40 sounds like a good option....
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