PP 5w-20 10k OCI

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Mar 6, 2007
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I was too late to stop her, she igmored me when I told her to bring in, she just kept running the heck out of it. Six months later she had close to 10k 9,942 miles to be exact.

My daughter has run this 2005 Civic on PP 5w-20 since new, only because I always buy it and change it mostly, first oil change was at 7k+ miles.

I know PP is very good oil but 10k? I should sign her up on BITOG, but she has better things to do at age 20.

Anyone run this oil this long very often? Oh I changed it to Mobil 1 5w-30 EP and a pro-select over sized filter, because I ran out of BOGO PP. I placed a sticker to come and change it at 10k, so I'm sure it will stretch out beyond that, at least its engineered to go 15k vs 4k.
Should have done a UOA.

Given that 4-cyl engine oil monitors are typically speccing 7K+ oil changes on mere dino oil you probably have nothing to worry about using PP.
Thanks for looking. I really like PP, and if the prices weren't so high I would still be using, I am going to keep it at 5w-30 from here on since I'm in central Florida. If they come out with discounts on PP, then I will buy it, for now I'm using $18 5 qt jugs of Mobil 1 EP.
I would not go out to 10K on a oil. Yes PP is one that can. Doing it blindly with out a UOA showing its OK is not a great habit.
However, If I was to go out to 10,000 miles; I would want nothing in my crankcase but Pennzoil Platnium.

Please put 4000 mile on her sticker. That way you get the car at 6000-7000 miles for a change.

At least your changing the oil. Some people think oil changes are dealer scams to make more money!!!!
10k OCI's in your car using PP isn't a problem. I do 10k OCI's with M1 5w-20 and the UOAs come back indicating plenty of active additive left.
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