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Jan 2, 2008
Stopped by Advanced looking for the red clearanced oil filters. The guy said they didn't have them but had a Powerflo. Since it was only $2 I bought one. On the back of the box it says made by Purolator.
They would not sell me the PowerFlo filters, they said they were only for Commercial accounts.
OK, here's my understanding. They are closing out the AAP Total Grip, which BTW I happen to like. Anyway, looks like Powerflo is going to be the replacement. I was skeptical when the guy (manager) said they were out of my apps in the AAP TG, but would sell me Powerflo's in my apps for $1.99 and $2.99. I said no thanks but after reading further in the AAP TG for $1.45 thread, looks like a decent product. A Puro Prem Plus (Classic) clone. For 2-3 bucks, not bad IMO. Read the two links to find out more.

I think they they will sell them to the public, especially if you are willing to buy more than one. I was going to buy 4 AAP TG's, and he was going to sell me the Powerflo's. Told me in independent testing they were 2x better than the AAP TG, which he said was made by FRAM. Ahhh wrong answer, they are made by Puro.

Hope that helps.

AAP TG Thread.
So the Purolator made Powerflo is 2x better than the Purolator made AAP TG?
^ So said the manager, but he also said the AAP TG was made by Fram. And, at the time he was trying to get me to buy something rather than walk out the door empty handed. Didn't pay his comments much heed after the bogus Fram comment. The AAP TG is rated 96/94% efficient.

Now, if the Powerflo is an exact clone of the Puro PP now Classic, it would have a claimed efficiency of 97.5%, which would make it more efficient than the AAP TG (likely more media). That said, the filter study is somewhat older, so the only way to know would be to cut an AA Powerflo open and see. But, if it's close to the Puro PP, the Powerflo price does seem right.

Tough to beat the AAP TG for $1.45 though, and no texture on the Powerflo which I happen to like.
Yes, the store manager was probably easily confused. Although the ADV filters took Fram's part numbering scheme, they were made by Purolator. Easily evidenced by the thread size stamping on the base plate in many sizes. I'm sure the Powerflo filters are great (we used to sell those back in the late '90s when I worked there).
they were the backshop filter when i worked at Sears. we didnt sell them OTC, just on oil changes in the shop. they didnt even come in individual boxes.
I stopped in to get a purorlator for my craftsman 26 hp Kohler.I was told that this particular Advance was in "TEST" and they was "pushing' Frams,and the other filters.No purorlators were available.The clerk told me Power flow were made by purolator ,and it was their "garage" filter.I went ahead and got it.Seemed ok,and I really needed to mow but needed to get oil changed in tractor.A couple weeks later thinking the test would be over I stopped in to get a Pure one for my Subaru,still no Purorlators.So I went to NAPA and got a Gold.
^ If you go to the 'rebates, sales and promo board', you can read about the AAP Fram test on the AAP Total Grip for $1.45 thread (see link), the test is also going on in Mechanicville NY.

Personally I hope it is a bust! If I want a Fram (which I don't, excepting Extended Guard) I can go to Wally World, and the price will be better.

One of the main reasons I prefer AAP over AZ and others is Puro filters, Classic and Pure One. IMO, it's a mistake but for the average customer, they may not know the difference.
Time will tell. If I can buy the Powerflo, that could help keep me coming to AAP, if they stop selling Puro.

I was told by the sales guy Purorlators would be available , he didn't know when .Weather or not he knew what he was talking about who knows.I asked if all the stores in the area was doing the test he said no.Are the Power flow's identical to purorlators?
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Are the Power flow's identical to purorlators?
Go back and read my first post, with links, in this thread. They're said to be a Puro Premium Plus clone. Whether they are exactly the same, excepting name, could only be determined if someone were to cut open a recent Powerflo purchase.
I asked my AAP guy if they were dropping Purolator in place of Fram and he said no, they'd be selling both brands.
AAP must of gotten a good deal with Fram and bought a million of em' .Local NAPA has Gold filters half price Sat.Think I'll just stock up and let AAP test away.
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