Power Enterprises Mag Power Oil Filter from Japan

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Jun 10, 2002
I found this interesting Japanese oil filter that has a magnet built in and claims high flow and high filtration. Their vehicle cross reference lists the Japan models. I think the OFII-02A would fit an Infiniti G35. The $18 price is scary, more than Amsoil. http://www.powerenterpriseusa.net/products/engine/oil_filter/index.htm This was on a site selling the filter. The most popular Oil Filter voted by Top Tuners in Japan FEATURE 1 : Drastic improvements in filter media technology Ultra fine 15μ media, as opporsed to stock (30μ), provides exceptional filtering efficiency with minimul pressure loss. This new filter media maintains its integrity as it is reinforced 1.5 times stronger than the stock. FEATURE 2 : Mesh lath insertion improves oil circulation. MAG POWER II designed with outer mesh lath core instead of conventional punched core improves oil flow and helps to lower pressure loss. FEATURE 3 : Big magnet attracts metal particles. Small abrasive metallic dust trapped by center mount strong 3.000 gauss magnetic force, a seriousely strong adsorption power of 2.4kg. Neodymium magnet excellent in heat resistance demonstrates high magnetic force between cold as -20C and +140C. FEATURER 4 : Reinforced relief valve and gasket. Reinforced relief valve prevents overflow of dirty oil with sludge and metallic dust at cold start. The silicone leak strap rubber holds oil inside to prevent any oil leakage. The bottom of Mag PowerⅡ is seamed with nitrite rubber gasket that is excellent in heat resistance.
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