Potato pancakes

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey

Restaurants, including, say, IHOP, used to sell potato pancakes. I always loved them, and would order them over regular pancakes 9 times out of 10. Restaurants dont offer them very often anymore. I dont have a recipe for them. I got a box of Manischevitz (sp?) mix the other day, and made them last night, browning them in olive oil. They were really good, but the consistency was a bit different than Id prefer.

So, does anyone have a good recipe for potato pancakes???


A couple recipes.

1 cup mashed potato
1 cup self raisning flour
1 teaspoon baking powder.
1 egg
Milk to make a sort of scone dough.
Mix/knead well.
Roll 3/4" thick, and cut into "scones"
cook in a lightly oiled pan (or shallow fry for a crisper texture).
Goes well with bacon, or cooked with bacon in bacon grease.


1 cup grated raw potato (skin on or off to taste)
1 cup self raising flour
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking powder
Milk to make a batter.
Fry like pancakes.

I eat them with tomato sauce (ketsup)
(add a grated apple if you want something different)
I like a pinch of nutmeg in my potato pancakes. I like them with lingonberries on the side.
Thanks! Ill try those.. Ill probably add onion (I love onion in most evrything) to it!

Thanks again!

In case you ever make it to the Bay Area, you may want to order the potato latkes at a Max's. When they say on the door "This is a bad place for a diet," they really mean it.
cool! Ill be out in SF for the American Chemical Society meeting in September... Ill have to stop there!


Boil em, mash em, stickem in a stew. Po-ta-tos. I heart potato croquettes/galettes/latkes. I like mine with sour cream and chives. Everybody's recipe is good, haven't met a bad one yet
Not a terrible way to use up leftover mashed potatoes either...
This thread will come in handy this week... Max's, here I come!

which max's do you reccomend? Im thinking of taking a little circular trip, and hiting up the one in corte madera...


I remember my Mother making them from scratch as well. Then frying them in lard in a frying pan.
Topped it off with cold butter milk!!
I miss her.

which max's do you reccomend? Im thinking of taking a little circular trip, and hiting up the one in corte madera...

Well, I used to go to the one Corte Madera (right by a 101 exit), but it's been years that I've eaten anything there. Most restaurants go downhill after a while.

Originally posted by moribundman:
Oh, you just got back from lunch?

Yep, now Im back...

Shelled out $25 for lunch... Matzoh ball soup, potato latkes, and a BLT with avocado (HUGE).

was really good! A little different than how they make the stuff in NYC, but I am a continent away, literally... NYC is just on the other end of I-80.

I had a nice little drive, up the 101 over the golden gate bridge (stopped at the viewing areas on either side), then stopped at Max's, went across the bay on the 580, went down to Oakland, and back across on 80, then back down 101 to Oyster Point, where Im staying.

I'm stuffed, time for a nap!

Did some more tonight... went down Lombard St... though it was scary because I didnt get the effect I would in the day, and I had to pay extra attention because it was dark out.

I had dinner at cioppinos on fisherman's wharf and it was really good. I enjoyed the Rutherford Ranch Cab that I got too... I dont usually drink Cabernet, but the name was fitting...

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