Post your latest small engine oil change

Husqvarna riding mower 100hrs 23hp B&S out-don't remember, in PYB 10w30&TG3614 also got new blades and fuel filter. Air filter was replaced about a month ago.
Craftsman Platinum with a 725 B&S L head -- It's amazing how fast we're putting hours on this machine this summer with my 13 year old son using it to mow half the city (or so it seems) Out: Mobil 1 European Blend 0w-40 (seemed like a good experiment to see if it helps with the burning, it didn't) In: Shell Rotella T4 15w-40 (we'll see if this does better with the burning) Now the burning in the B&S engine wasn't horrible. In 25 hours it burned enough to go from full to add.
Did brother's new cub cadet 3x snowblower from last winter season Out: 5w30 factory oil? with an ounce of Lucas break-in zddp additive In: Mobil 1 5w30
Gravely ZT 42, 22 HP Kawi engine. Had this mower 6 years and really like it. Changed this morning. 15w-40 Rotella in, ST 30w out. walley world st3614 filter in place of wix 57035. Also replaced factory drain with Rotary 23-6782 quick drain valve. 15 min. to change and an hour to clean up was getting really old. hope this helps.
Wright Stander X. Kawasaki FX-691V Approx 50 Hours. Out = ~3 Quarts M1 5w40 & Oversize Carquest Standard Oil Filter. In = ~3 Quarts M1 5w40 & Oversize NAPA Gold 1516 Oil Filter.
Toro 20622 walk behind. 18 oz Valvoline dino 10w30. Washed air filter and re-oiled it. I also folded up a piece of sheet fiber to serve for the AWOL filter cover. :grin2;
Troy Bilt 7500 watt generator w 10 hp Briggs. Out: ST 30 wt.....In: Rotella 15w40. Expecting Irma in a couple of days.
Napa air compressor, inline 2 cylinder pump Out: mix of PureGuard Air Compressor 30wt, Warren ND 30wt and Warren ND 40wt In: 1 1/2 quarts mix of PureGuard Air Compressor 30wt, Warren ND 30wt and Warren ND 40wt
MTD Yard Machines mower from 2007 with the Briggs and Stratton 500-series 158cc 5hp engine. I replaced the FF (straight SAE 30) with Dollar Tree 10w30
Just bought a new DR walk behind weed trimmer. Main reason going with the DR is because it came with a B&S engine. No oil came with the machine. I am using ST SAE30 for 5 hours. Manual says you don't need to change the oil but you could if you want. I will change the oil.
[font:Century Gothic]Honda ex 4500 generator, has a 11 hp pull start engine. It stays in an unheated barn. When it is really cold outside I cannot pull start the engine with any weight dino oil so I use Mobil one which made a believer out of me. Out: 1 qt. Mobil 1 racing 0w30, 5 years service maybe 80 hours run time but it turned good and dark after a continuous 24 hr run In: 1 qt. Mobil 1 racing 0w30 grin
Toro lawn mower with 6hp B&S Quantum engine (AKA Frankenmower) Out: Mobil 1: 0w-40 (it only had about 10 hours on it but we were using it as a flush because the prior owner's maintenance on the machine was sketchy) came out black and nasty In: Shell Rotella T5 15w-40
Toro Timecutter 21 HP Kohler Out : Castrol Syn Blend 10W-30 (pre-Magnatec), Wix made Carquest Blue 85516 filter (oversize) In : Havoline ProDS Full Syn 10W-30, Wix made Carquest Blue 85516
Generators all serviced in anticipation of Hurricane Irma. My Coleman with the Subaru motor was the only one pushed into service for 4 days, shut off only 1/2 hour a day for fuel up and oil check. Ran flawlessly with no oil usage with Havoline Full Synthetic 10w30. I serviced four Generators with a hodgepodge of oils in garage. Honda Whacker got Havoline 10w30 full synthetic/ Briggs Statton Powerback 11 hp Industrial got HD 30 Quaker State green bottle and Troy Built 5500 Briggs Statton. Got Coleman brand Generator oil that I bought at a estate sale. The Subaru got a oil change of Polaris PS4 Extreme four stroke oil whatever weight it is before getting put away after the power came back.
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